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Jan-2010Organized Streamwise Vorticity on Convex Surfaces With Particular Reference to Turbine BladesGostelow, J. Paul; Mahallati, Ali; Carscallen, William E.; Rona, AldoConference paper
Jan-2010Boundary Layer Trips for Low Reynolds Number Wind Tunnel TestsRona, Aldo; Soueid, H.Conference paper
17-Feb-2011Wave scattering by many small bodies and applicationsRamm, A. G.; Rona, AldoJournal Article
11-Jun-2012Investigation of Streamwise and Transverse Instabilities on Swept Cylinders and Implications for Turbine BladingGostelow, J. Paul; Rona, Aldo; De Saint Jean, M.; Garrett, Stephen J.; McMullan, W.A.Conference Paper
Sep-2012Airflow simulation through a dynamic subject-specific model of the central airwaysRona, Aldo; Ibrahim, G.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.Conference Paper
Jun-2012On the generation of the mean velocity profile for turbulent boundary layers with pressure gradient under equilibrium conditionsRona, Aldo; Monti, M.; Airiau, C.Journal Article
7-Jul-2014Development of a family of cost-optimized prefactored high-order compact schemes or low‐speed aeroacousticsRona, Aldo; Spisso, I.; Pirozzoli, S.Conference Paper
16-Jun-2014Time-dependent prediction of the unsteady pressure near-field from an under-expanded jetRona, Aldo; Di Stefano, Danilo; Mancini, Alesandro; Hall, EdwardConference Paper
25-Jul-2014Modelling under-expanded jet screech by ILESMancini, Alessandro; Di Stefano, Danilo; Hall, Edward; Rona, AldoConference Paper
Jun-2015PIV study of the flow across the meridional plane of rotating cylinders with wide gapAdebayo, David S.; Rona, AldoConference Paper