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20-Mar-2014Revealing The Location And Structure Of The Accretion Disk Wind In PDS 456Gofford, J; Reeves, JN; Braito, V; Nardini, E; Costa, MT; Matzeu, GA; O'Brien, Paul; Ward, M; Turner, TJ; Miller, LJournal Article
1-Nov-2014Discovery Of A ∼5 Day Characteristic Timescale In The Kepler Power Spectrum Of Zw 229−15Edelson, R; Vaughan, Simon; Malkan, M; Kelly, BC; Smith, KL; Boyd, PT; Mushotzky, RJournal Article
13-May-2014Building galaxies, stars, planets and the ingredients for life between the stars. The science behind the European Ultraviolet-Visible ObservatoryGomez de Castro, AI; Appourchaux, T; Barstow, MA; Barthelemy, M; Baudin, F; Benetti, S; Blay, P; Brosch, N; Bunce, E; de Martino, D; Deharveng, J-M; Ferlet, R; France, K; Garcia, M; Gaensicke, B; Gry, C; Hillenbrand, L; Josselin, E; Kehrig, C; Lamy, L; Lapington, J; des Etangs, AL; LePetit, F; Lopez-Santiago, J; Milliard, B; Monier, R; Naletto, G; Naze, Y; Neiner, C; Nichols, J; Orio, M; Pagano, I; Peroux, C; Rauw, G; Shore, S; Spaans, M; Tovmassian, G; Ud-Doula, A; Vilchez, JJournal Article
29-Jan-2014The 100-month Swift catalogue of supergiant fast X-ray transientsRomano, PY; Krimm, HA; Palmer, DM; Ducci, L; Esposito, P; Vercellone, S; Evans, PA; Guidorzi, C; Mangano, V; Kennea, JA; Barthelmy, SD; Burrows, DN; Gehrels, NJournal Article
24-Jul-2014Mid-infrared spectroscopy of Uranus from the Spitzer infrared spectrometer: 2. Determination of the mean composition of the upper troposphere and stratosphereOrton, GS; Moses, JI; Fletcher, LN; Mainzer, AK; Hines, D; Hammel, HB; Martin-Torres, J; Burgdorf, M; Merlet, C; Line, MRJournal Article