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13-Feb-2014[C II] and (CO)-C-12(1-0) Emission Maps in HLSJ091828.6+514223: a Strongly Lensed Interacting System at z=5.24Rawle, TD; Egami, E; Bussmann, RS; Gurwell, M; Ivison, RJ; Boone, F; Combes, F; Danielson, ALR; Rex, M; Richard, J; Smail, I; Swinbank, AM; Altieri, B; Blain, Andrew W.; Clement, B; Dessauges-Zavadsky, M; Edge, AC; Fazio, GG; Jones, T; Kneib, J-P; Omont, A; Perez-Gonzalez, PG; Schaerer, D; Valtchanov, I; van der Werf, PP; Walth, G; Zamojski, M; Zemcov, MJournal Article
28-Oct-2014The first airborne comparison of N2O5 measurements over the UK using a CIMS and BBCEAS during the RONOCO campaignLe Breton, Michael; Bacak, Asan; Muller, Jennifer B. A.; Bannan, Thomas J.; Kennedy, Oliver; Ouyang, Bin; Xiao, Ping; Bauguitte, Stephane J.-B.; Shallcross, Dudley E.; Jones, Roderic L.; Daniels, Mark J. S.; Ball, Stephen M.; Percival, Carl J.Journal Article
1-Sep-2014On local super-penalization of interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin methodsCangiani, Andrea; Chapman, John; Georgoulis, Emmanuil; Jensen, MaxJournal Article
20-Feb-2014Loess and Bee-Eaters II : The 'loess' of North Africa and the nesting behaviour of the Northern Carmine Bee-Eater (Merops nubicus Gmelin 1788)McLaren, Sue; Svircev, Zorica; O'Hara-Dhand, Ken; Heneberg, Petr; Smalley, IanJournal Article
23-Dec-2014Global vulnerability of peatlands to fire and carbon lossTuretsky, M. R.; Benscoter, B.; Page, Susan E.; Rein, G.; van der Werf, G. R.; Watts, A.Journal Article
15-May-2014The origin of nitrogen on Jupiter and Saturn from the N-15/N-14 ratioFletcher, LN; Greathouse, TK; Orton, GS; Irwin, PGJ; Mousis, O; Sinclair, JA; Giles, RSJournal Article
10-Nov-2014Attribute-based transactions in service oriented computingBocchi, L; Tuosto, EJournal Article
1-May-2014Inter-hemispheric temperature variability over the past millenniumNeukom, R; Gergis, J; Karoly, DJ; Wanner, H; Curran, M; Elbert, J; Gonzalez-Rouco, F; Linsley, BK; Moy, AD; Mundo, I; Raible, CC; Steig, EJ; van Ommen, T; Vance, T; Villalba, R; Zinke, J; Frank, DJournal Article
20-Mar-2014Revealing The Location And Structure Of The Accretion Disk Wind In PDS 456Gofford, J; Reeves, JN; Braito, V; Nardini, E; Costa, MT; Matzeu, GA; O'Brien, Paul; Ward, M; Turner, TJ; Miller, LJournal Article
1-Nov-2014Discovery Of A ∼5 Day Characteristic Timescale In The Kepler Power Spectrum Of Zw 229−15Edelson, R; Vaughan, Simon; Malkan, M; Kelly, BC; Smith, KL; Boyd, PT; Mushotzky, RJournal Article