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18-Jul-2018Electropolishing of nickel and cobalt in deep eutectic solventsKarim, Wrya O.; Abbott, Andrew P.; Cihangir, Salih; Ryder, Karl S.Journal Article
6-Jul-2018Substrate-Induced Liquid Layering: A New Insight into the Heterogeneous Nucleation of Liquid MetalsMa, Sida; Yan, Rui; Jing, Tao; Dong, HongbiaoJournal Article
2-Aug-2018The In-Plane Structure and Dynamic Property of the Homogeneous Al-Al Solid-Liquid InterfaceYan, Rui; Ma, Sida; Jing, Tao; Dong, HongbiaoJournal Article
19-Mar-2018The Elimination-Selection Based Algorithm for Efficient Resource Discovery in Internet of Things EnvironmentsNunes, LH; Estrella, JC; Perera, C; Reiff-Marganiec, S; Delbem, ACBConference Paper
30-Oct-2018Comparative Study of Corrosion Performance of HVOF-Sprayed Coatings Produced Using Conventional and Suspension WC-Co FeedstockAhmed, R; Vourlias, G; Algoburi, A; Vogiatzis, C; Chaliampalias, D; Skolianos, S; Berger, L-M; Paul, S; Faisal, NH; Toma, F-L; Al-Anazi, NM; Goosen, MFAJournal Article
8-Oct-2017A Privacy-Preserving Intelligent Medical Diagnosis System Based on Oblivious Keyword SearchLin, Zhaowen; Xiao, Xinglin; Sun, Yi; Zhang, Yudong; Ma, YanJournal Article
19-Jan-2018The SMILE Soft X-ray Imager (SXI) CCD design and developmentSoman, MR; Hall, DJ; Holland, AD; Burgon, R; Buggey, T; Skottfelt, J; Sembay, S; Drumm, P; Thornhill, J; Read, A; Sykes, J; Walton, D; Branduardi-Raymont, G; Kennedy, T; Raab, W; Verhoeve, P; Agnolon, D; Woffinden, CConference Paper
23-Aug-2018Magnetic and structural changes in Cu1-xAlx alloy matrix - Embedded Fe nanoparticle systemsKurt, MS; Baker, SH; Roy, M; Lees, MRJournal Article
3-Jun-2016Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and Twin Support Vector Machine for Pathological Brain DetectionWang, S; Lu, S; Dong, Z; Yang, J; Yang, M; Zhang, YJournal Article
17-Oct-2018Validation of Hourly Global Horizontal Irradiance for Two Satellite-Derived Datasets in Northeast IraqAmeen, B; Balzter, H; Jarvis, C; Wey, E; Thomas, C; Marchand, MJournal Article