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31-Jul-2012Completeness for the coalgebraic cover modalityKupke, Clemens; Kurz, Alexander; Venema, YdeJournal Article
2014Faster temporal reasoning for infinite-state programsPiterman, Nir; Cook, Byron; Khlaaf, HeidyReport
16-Jun-2014Streamwise and crossflow vortical structures on turbine blades and swept cylindersRona, Aldo; Gostelow, J. PaulConference Paper
3-Aug-2014Some canonical examples of streamwise vortex structure for rotating componentsGostelow, J. Paul; Garrett, Stephen J.; Rona, Aldo; Adebayo, David S.Conference Paper
27-Feb-2013Real-time multi-marker measurement of organic compounds in human breath : towards fingerprinting breath.White, Iain R.; Willis, Kerry A.; Whyte, Chris; Cordell, Rebecca; Blake, Robert S.; Wardlaw, Andrew J.; Grigg, J.; Ellis, Andrew M.; Monks, Paul S.; Rao, S.Journal Article
1-Dec-2013Numerical investigations of fluid flow and heat transfer processes in the internal structures of thermoacoustic devicesMohd Saat, Fatimah Al ZahrahThesis
1-Feb-2014A spatial and social analysis of green space access : a mixed-methods approach for analysing variations in access perceptionsSotoudehnia, FaribaThesis
1-Feb-2012Review : Untangling the influence of air-mass history in interpreting observed atmospheric compositionFleming, Zoe L.; Monks, Paul S.; Manning, Alistair J.Journal Article
31-Oct-2012The Evolution and Macroecological Consequences of Grazing and Shell-Crushing In FishesDarras, Laurent Patrick GilbertThesis
Dec-2010Spin-orbit angle measurements for six southern transiting planets: New insights into the dynamical origins of hot JupitersTriaud, AHMJ; Queloz, D; Mayor, M; Pepe, F; S├ęgransan, D; Udry, S; Cameron, AC; Anderson, DR; Hellier, C; Maxted, PFL; Smalley, B; Gillon, M; Hebb, L; Loeillet, B; Pollacco, D; West, RG; Wheatley, PJJournal Article