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1-Aug-2016The LifeLines Cohort Study: a resource providing new opportunities for environmental epidemiology.Zijlema, WL; Smidt, N; Klijs, B; Morley, DW; Gulliver, J; de Hoogh, K; Scholtens, S; Rosmalen, JGM; Stolk, RPJournal Article
28-Feb-2017Land Use Regression Models for Ultrafine Particles in Six European Areas.van Nunen, E; Vermeulen, R; Tsai, M-Y; Probst-Hensch, N; Ineichen, A; Davey, M; Imboden, M; Ducret-Stich, R; Naccarati, A; Raffaele, D; Ranzi, A; Ivaldi, C; Galassi, C; Nieuwenhuijsen, M; Curto, A; Donaire-Gonzalez, D; Cirach, M; Chatzi, L; Kampouri, M; Vlaanderen, J; Meliefste, K; Buijtenhuijs, D; Brunekreef, B; Morley, D; Vineis, P; Gulliver, J; Hoek, GJournal Article
24-Jun-2016Traffic pollution and the incidence of cardiorespiratory outcomes in an adult cohort in London.Carey, IM; Anderson, HR; Atkinson, RW; Beevers, S; Cook, DG; Dajnak, D; Gulliver, J; Kelly, FJJournal Article
6-Mar-2019Evidence for diffuse molecular gas and dust in the hearts of gamma-ray burst host galaxiesBolmer, J; Ledoux, C; Wiseman, P; Cia, AD; Selsing, J; Schady, P; Greiner, J; Savaglio, S; Burgess, JM; D'Elia, V; Fynbo, JPU; Goldoni, P; Hartmann, D; Heintz, KE; Jakobsson, P; Japelj, J; Kaper, L; Tanvir, NR; Vreeswijk, PM; Zafar, TJournal Article
17-May-2019Cerebral Micro-Bleeding Detection Based on Densely Connected Neural Network.Wang, Shuihua; Tang, Chaosheng; Sun, Junding; Zhang, YudongJournal Article
14-Feb-2019Effective collecting area of lobster eye optics and optimal value of effective angleTichĂ˝, V.; Barbera, M.; Hudec, R.; Willingale, R.Journal Article
Dec-2018Saturn's Seasonal Atmosphere: Temperatures, Clouds and CompositionFletcher, Leigh Nicholas; Greathouse, T. K.; Moses, J.; Guerlet, S.; West, R. A.Journal Article
20-Apr-2018The Gaia Data Release 2 catalogue of white dwarfs and a comparison with SDSSFusillo, NPG; Tremblay, P-E; Gänsicke, BT; Manser, CJ; Cunningham, T; Cukanovaite, E; Hollands, M; Marsh, T; Raddi, R; Jordan, S; Toonen, S; Geier, S; Barstow, M; Cummings, JDJournal Article
11-Jul-2018Saturn's New Ribbons: Cassini Observations of Planetary Waves in Saturn's 42N Atmospheric JetGunnarson, JL; Sayanagi, KM; Blalock, JJ; Fletcher, LN; Ingersoll, AP; Dyudina, UA; Ewald, SP; Draham, RLJournal Article
14-Jun-2019Enantioselective and Regioselective Copper-Catalyzed Borocyanation of 1-Aryl-1,3-ButadienesJia, T; Smith, MJ; Pulis, A; Perry, GJP; Procter, DJJournal Article