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27-May-2019Size of Heparin-Imprinted Nanoparticles Reflects the Matched Interactions with the Target Molecule.Yoshimi, Y; Oino, D; Ohira, H; Muguruma, H; Moczko, E; Piletsky, SAJournal Article
10-Apr-2016Towards roughness-based drag reduction in cross-flow dominated flowsGarrett, Stephen J.; Cooper, A. J.; Ozkan, M.; Thomas, P. J.Conference Paper
1-Oct-2018Multiwavelength observations of V407 Lupi (ASASSN-16kt) - a very fast nova erupting in an intermediate polarAydi, E; Orio, M; Beardmore, AP; Ness, J-U; Page, KL; Kuin, NPM; Walter, FM; Buckley, DAH; Mohamed, S; Whitelock, P; Osborne, JP; Strader, J; Chomiuk, L; Darnley, MJ; Dobrotka, A; Kniazev, A; Miszalski, B; Myers, G; Ospina, N; Henze, M; Starrfield, S; Woodward, CEJournal Article
4-Jul-2018Characterisation and testing of CHEC-M—A camera prototype for the small-sized telescopes of the Cherenkov telescope arrayZorn, J; White, R; Watson, JJ; Armstrong, TP; Balzer, A; Barcelo, M; Berge, D; Bose, R; Brown, AM; Bryan, M; Chadwick, PM; Clark, P; Costantini, H; Cotter, G; Dangeon, L; Daniel, M; De Franco, A; Deiml, P; Fasola, G; Funk, S; Gebyehu, M; Gironnet, J; Graham, JA; Greenshaw, T; Hinton, JA; Kraus, M; Lapington, JS; Laporte, P; Leach, SA; Le Blanc, O; Malouf, A; Molyneux, P; Moore, P; Prokoph, H; Okumura, A; Ross, D; Rowell, G; Sapozhnikov, L; Schoorlemmer, H; Sol, H; Stephan, M; Tajima, H; Tibaldo, L; Varner, G; Zink, AJournal Article
4-Jul-2018The enigmatic metazoan Yuyuanozoon magnificissimi from the early Cambrian Chengjiang Biota, Yunnan Province, South ChinaLi, Yujing; Williams, Mark; Gabbott, Sarah E.; Chen, Ailin; Cong, Peiyun; Hou, XianguangJournal Article
30-Nov-2016A VERY BRIGHT, VERY HOT, AND VERY LONG FLARING EVENT FROM THE M DWARF BINARY SYSTEM DG CVnOsten, RA; Kowalski, A; Drake, SA; Krimm, H; Page, K; Gazeas, K; Kennea, J; Oates, S; Page, M; de Miguel, E; Novak, R; Apeltauer, T; Gehrels, NJournal Article
9-May-2018The "Lévy or diffusion" Controversy: How important is the movement pattern in the context of trapping?Ahmed, Danish A.; Petrovskii, Sergei V.; Tilles, Paulo F. C.Journal Article
19-Jan-2018V1369 Cen High-resolution Panchromatic Late Nebular Spectra in the Context of a Unified Picture for Nova EjectaMason, E; Shore, SN; Aquino, IDG; Izzo, L; Page, K; Schwarz, GJJournal Article
19-Jul-2018X-shooting GRBs at high redshift: probing dust production historyZafar, T; Moller, P; Watson, D; Lattanzio, J; Hopkins, AM; Karakas, A; Fynbo, JPU; Tanvir, NR; Selsing, J; Jakobsson, P; Heintz, KE; Kann, DA; Groves, B; Kulkarni, V; Covino, S; D'Elia, V; Japelj, J; Corre, D; Vergani, SJournal Article
3-Aug-2018What We Learn from the X-Ray Grating Spectra of Nova SMC 2016Orio, M; Ness, J-U; Dobrotka, A; Gatuzz, E; Ospina, N; Aydi, E; Behar, E; Buckley, DAH; Ciroi, S; Della Valle, M; Hernanz, M; Henze, M; Osborne, JP; Page, KL; Rauch, T; Sala, G; Starrfield, S; Williams, RE; Woodward, CE; Zemko, PJournal Article