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1-Dec-1996F region climatology during the SUNDIAL/ATLAS 1 campaign of March 1992: Model-measurement comparisons and cause-effect relationshipsSzuszczewicz, EP; Torr, D; Wilkinson, P; Richards, P; Roble, R; Emery, B; Lu, G; Abdu, M; Evans, D; Hanbaba, R; Igarashi, K; Jiao, P; Lester, M; Pulinets, S; Reddy, BM; Blanchard, P; Miller, K; Joselyn, JJournal Article
1-Jun-1998Global energy deposition during the January 1997 magnetic cloud eventLu, G; Baker, DN; McPherron, RL; Farrugia, CJ; Lummerzheim, D; Ruohoniemi, JM; Rich, FJ; Evans, DS; Lepping, RP; Brittnacher, M; Li, X; Greenwald, R; Sofko, G; Villain, J; Lester, M; Thayer, J; Moretto, T; Milling, D; Troshichev, O; Zaitzev, A; Odintzov, V; Makarov, G; Hayashi, KJournal Article
1-Dec-1996High-latitude Hall and Pedersen conductances during substorm activity in the SUNDIAL-ATLAS campaignLester, M; Davies, JA; Virdi, TSJournal Article
30-Apr-2009Acceleration mechanism of high-speed neutral wind observed in the polar lower thermosphereTsuda, TT; Nozawa, S; Oyama, S; Motoba, T; Ogawa, Y; Shinagawa, H; Nishitani, N; Hosokawa, K; Sato, N; Lester, M; Fujii, RJournal Article
29-Nov-2008Electric field modulation behind pulsating auroraHosokawa, K; Kadokura, A; Sato, N; Milan, SE; Lester, M; Bjornsson, G; Saemundsson, TJournal Article
26-Jul-2008Global MHD simulation of flux transfer events at the high-latitude magnetopause observed by the Cluster spacecraft and the SuperDARN radar systemDaum, P; Wild, JA; Penz, T; Woodfield, EE; Reme, H; Fazakerley, AN; Daly, PW; Lester, MJournal Article
6-Jul-2018Multi-Instrumental Observations of Nonunderdense Meteor TrailsKozlovsky, A; Shalimov, S; Kero, J; Raita, T; Lester, MJournal Article
6-Aug-2018Recognition of Meteor Showers From the Heights of Ionization TrailsLukianova, R; Kozlovsky, A; Lester, MJournal Article