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21-Aug-1998The broad-band X-ray spectrum of Mrk 3Griffiths, RG; Warwick, RS; Georgantopoulos, I; Done, C; Smith, DAJournal Article
1-May-1999ASCA observations of deep ROSAT fields - IV. Infrared and hard X-ray observations of an obscured high-redshift QSOGeorgantopoulos, I; Almaini, O; Shanks, T; Stewart, GC; Griffiths, RE; Boyle, BJ; Gunn, KFJournal Article
21-Apr-1999The optical variability of the narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy IRAS 13224-3809Young, AJ; Crawford, CS; Fabian, AC; Brandt, WN; O'Brien, PTJournal Article
20-Sep-1999The X-ray, optical, and infrared counterpart to GRB 980703Vreeswijk, PM; Galama, TJ; Owens, A; Oosterbroek, T; Geballe, TR; van Paradijs J; Groot, PJ; Kouveliotou, C; Koshut, T; Tanvir, N; Wijers, RAMJ; Pian, E; Palazzi, E; Frontera, F; Masetti, N; Robinson, C; Briggs, M; Zand, JJMI; Heise, J; Piro, L; Costa, E; Feroci, M; Antonelli, LA; Hurley, K; Greiner, J; Smith, DA; Levine, AM; Lipkin, Y; Leibowitz, E; Lidman, C; Pizzella, A; Bohnhardt, H; Doublier, V; Chaty, S; Smail, I; Blain, A; Hough, JH; Young, S; Suntzeff, NJournal Article
1-Apr-2005A deep search with the Hubble Space Telescope for late-time supernova signatures in the hosts of XRF 011030 and XRF 020427Levan, A; Patel, S; Kouveliotou, C; Fruchter, A; Rhoads, J; Rol, E; Ramirez-Ruiz, E; Gorosabel, J; Hjorth, J; Wijers, R; Wood-Vasey, WM; Bersier, D; Castro-Tirado, A; Fynbo, J; Jensen, B; Pian, E; Tanvir, N; Thorsett, S; Woosley, SJournal Article
10-Oct-1996Multiwavelength observations of short-timescale variability in NGC 4151 .3. X-ray and gammma-ray observationsWarwick, RS; Smith, DA; Yaqoob, T; Edelson, R; Johnson, WN; Reichert, GA; Clavel, J; Magdziarz, P; Peterson, BM; Zdziarski, AAJournal Article
21-Jun-2000X-ray variability in a deep, flux-limited sample of QSOsAlmaini, O; Lawrence, A; Shanks, T; Edge, A; Boyle, BJ; Georgantopoulos, I; Gunn, KF; Stewart, GC; Griffiths, REJournal Article
21-May-2000X-ray observations of the ultraluminous infrared galaxy IRAS 19254-7245 (the Superantennae)Pappa, A; Georgantopoulos, I; Stewart, GCJournal Article
20-Feb-1998Jet-induced shocks in 3C 171: An intermediate-redshift analog of high-redshift radio galaxiesClark, NE; Axon, DJ; Tadhunter, CN; Robinson, A; O'Brien, PJournal Article
10-Sep-2006The first Swift X-ray flash: The faint afterglow of XRF 050215BLevan, AJ; Osborne, JP; Tanvir, NR; Page, KL; Rol, E; Zhang, B; Goad, MR; O'Brien, PT; Priddey, RS; Bersier, D; Burrows, DN; Chapman, R; Fruchter, AS; Giommi, P; Gehrels, N; Hughes, MA; Pak, S; Simpson, C; Tagliaferri, G; Vardoulaki, EJournal Article