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1-Jun-2014Thermospheric density perturbations in response to substormsClausen, L. B. N.; Milan, Stephen Eric; Grocott, A.Journal Article
7-Jun-2013Temporal and spatial dynamics of the regions 1 and 2 Birkeland currents during substormsClausen, L. B. N.; Baker, J. B. H.; Ruohoniemi, J. M.; Milan, Stephen Eric; Coxon, J. C.; Wing, S.; Ohtani, S.; Anderson, B. J.Journal Article
16-Apr-2014Interplanetary magnetic field control of the ionospheric field-aligned current and convection distributionsJuusola, L.; Milan, Stephen Eric; Lester, M.; Grocott, A.; Imber, S. M.Journal Article
9-Sep-2013Modeling Birkeland currents in the expanding/contracting polar cap paradigmMilan, Stephen EricJournal Article
21-Jul-2014The influence of IMF clock angle timescales on the morphology of ionospheric convectionGrocott, A.; Milan, Stephen EricJournal Article
4-Jun-2013On the influence of open magnetic flux on substorm intensity: Ground- and space-based observationsClausen, L. B. N.; Milan, Stephen Eric; Baker, J. B. H.; Ruohoniemi, J. M.; Glassmeier, K-H.; Coxon, J. C.; Anderson, B. J.Journal Article
28-Feb-2001On the altitude dependence of the spectral characteristics of decametre-wavelength E region backscatter and the relationship with optical auroral formsMilan, Steve E.; Lester, Mark; Sato, N.; Takizawa, H.Journal Article
30-Apr-2001Excitation of transient lobe cell convection and auroral arc at the cusp poleward boundary during a transition of the interplanetary magnetic field from south to northSandholt, P. E.; Farrugia, C. J.; Cowley, Stanley William Herbert; Lester, M.; Cerisier, J. C.Journal Article
30-Apr-2001Super Dual Auroral Radar Network observations of fluctuations in the spectral distribution of near range meteor echoes in the upper mesosphere and lower thermosphereArnold, N. F.; Robinson, T. R.; Lester, Mark; Byrne, P. B.; Chapman, P. J.Journal Article
1-Apr-2002Coordinated ground-based and Cluster observations of large amplitude global magnetospheric oscillations during a fast solar wind speed intervalMann, I. R.; Voronkov, I.; Dunlop, M.; Donovan, E.; Yeoman, Timothy Kenneth; Milling, D. K.; Wild, J. P.; Kauristie, T. K.; Amm, O.; Bale, S. D.; Balogh, A.; Viljanen, A.; Opgenoorth, H. J.Journal Article