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28-Feb-2003High-latitude observations of impulse-driven ULF pulsations in the ionosphere and on the groundMenk, F. W.; Yeoman, T. K.; Wright, D. M.; Lester, M.; Honary, F.Journal Article
31-Oct-2003Comparison of D-region Doppler drift winds measured by the SuperDARN Finland HF radar over an annual cycle using the Kiruna VHF meteor radarArnold, N. F.; Cook, P. A.; Robinson, T. R.; Lester, M.; Chapman, P. J.; Mitchell, N.Journal Article
7-Sep-2004Temporal-spatial structure of magnetic merging at the magnetopause inferred from 557.7-nm all-sky imagesMaynard, N. C.; Moen, J.; Burke, W. J.; Lester, M.; Ober, D. M.; Scudder, J. D.; Siebert, K. D.; Weimer, D. R.; Russe, C. T.; Balogh, A.Journal Article
2-Apr-2004Saturn's polar ionospheric flows and their relation to the main auroral ovalCowley, S. W. H.; Bunce, E. J.; Prange, R.Journal Article
8-Apr-2004Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling currents in Jupiter's middle magnetosphere: effect of precipitation-induced enhancement of the ionospheric Pedersen conductivityNichols, J. D.; Cowley, S. W. H.Journal Article
22-Dec-2004Measuring the dayside reconnection rate during an interval of due northward interplanetary magnetic fieldChisham, G.; Freeman, M. P.; Coleman, I. J.; Pinnock, M.; Hairston, M. R.; Lester, M.; Sofko, G.Journal Article
31-Jan-2005Observations of time dependence and aspect sensitivity of regions of enhanced UHF backscatter associated with RF heatingDhillon, R. S.; Robinson, T. R.Conference Paper
14-Jun-2004Simultaneous observations of magnetopause flux transfer events and of their associated signatures at ionospheric altitudesMcWilliams, K. A.; Sofko, G. J.; Yeoman, T. K.; Milan, S. E.; Sibeck, D. G.; Nagai, T.; Mukai, T.; Coleman, I. J.; Hori, T.; Rich, F. J.Journal Article
1-Jul-2003Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling currents in Jupiter's middle magnetosphere: dependence on the effective ionospheric Pedersen conductivity and iogenic plasma mass outflow rateNichols, J. D.; Cowley, S. W. H.Journal Article