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2010Reactive Halogens in the Marine Boundary Layer (RHaMBLe): the tropical North Atlantic experimentsLee, J.D.; McFiggans, G.; Allan, J.D.; Baker, A.R.; Ball, S.M.; Benton, A.K.; Carpenter, L.J.; Commane, R.; Finley, B.D.; Evans, M.; Fuentes, E.; Furneaux, K.; Goddard, A.; Good, N.; Hamilton, J.F.; Heard, D.E.; Herrmann, H.; Hollingsworth, A.; Hopkins, J.R.; Ingham, T.; Irwin, M.; Jones, C.E.; Jones, R.L.; Keene, W.C.; Lawler, M.J.; Lehmann, S.; Lewis, A.C.; Long, M.S.; Mahajan, A.; Methven, J.; Moller, S.J.; Muller, K.; Muller, T.; Niedermeier, N.; O'Doherty, S.; Oetjen, H.; Plane, J.M.C.; Pszenny, A.A.P.; Read, K.A.; Saiz-Lopez, A.; Saltzman, E.S.; Sander, R.; von Glasow R.; Whalley, L.; Wiedensohler, A.; Young, D.Journal Article
2011ULIRS, an optimal estimation retrieval scheme for carbon monoxide using IASI spectral radiances: sensitivity analysis, error budget and simulationsIllingworth, S.M.; Remedios, John J.; Boesch, H.; Moore, D.P.; Sembhi, H.; Dudhia, A.; Walker, J.C.Journal Article
1-Jul-2002Eastern Atlantic Spring Experiment 1997 (EASE97) - 2. Comparisons of model concentrations of OH, HO2, and RO2 with measurementsCarslaw, N; Creasey, DJ; Heard, DE; Jacobs, PJ; Lee, JD; Lewis, AC; McQuaid, JB; Pilling, MJ; Bauguitte, S; Penkett, SA; Monks, PS; Salisbury, GJournal Article
11-Dec-2002Potential for photochemical ozone formation in the troposphere over the North Atlantic as derived from aircraft observations during ACSOEReeves, CE; Penkett, SA; Bauguitte, S; Law, KS; Evans, MJ; Bandy, BJ; Monks, PS; Edwards, GD; Phillips, G; Barjat, H; Kent, J; Dewey, K; Schmitgen, S; Kley, DJournal Article
2-Jul-2003Performance of a single-monochromator diode array spectroradiometer for the determination of actinic flux and atmospheric photolysis frequenciesEdwards, GD; Monks, PSJournal Article
3-Jun-2003Photolysis frequency of NO2: Measurement and modeling during the International Photolysis Frequency Measurement and Modeling Intercomparison (IPMMI)Shetter, RE; Junkermann, W; Swartz, WH; Frost, GJ; Crawford, JH; Lefer, BL; Barrick, JD; Hall, SR; Hofzumahaus, A; Bais, A; Calvert, JG; Cantrell, CA; Madronich, S; Muller, M; Kraus, A; Monks, PS; Edwards, GD; McKenzie, R; Johnston, P; Schmitt, R; Griffioen, E; Krol, M; Kylling, A; Dickerson, RR; Lloyd, SA; Martin, T; Gardiner, B; Mayer, B; Pfister, G; Roth, EP; Koepke, P; Ruggaber, A; Schwander, H; van Weele MJournal Article
15-Apr-2003Rapid uplift of nonmethane hydrocarbons in a cold front over central EuropePurvis, RM; Lewis, AC; Carney, RA; McQuaid, JB; Arnold, SR; Methven, J; Barjat, H; Dewey, K; Kent, J; Monks, PS; Carpenter, LJ; Brough, N; Penkett, SA; Reeves, CEJournal Article
17-Jul-2003International Photolysis Frequency Measurement and Model Intercomparison (IPMMI): Spectral actinic solar flux measurements and modelingBais, AF; Madronich, S; Crawford, J; Hall, SR; Mayer, B; van Weele M; Lenoble, J; Calvert, JG; Cantrell, CA; Shetter, RE; Hofzumahaus, A; Koepke, P; Monks, PS; Frost, G; McKenzie, R; Krotkov, N; Kylling, A; Swartz, WH; Lloyd, S; Pfister, G; Martin, TJ; Roeth, EP; Griffioen, E; Ruggaber, A; Krol, M; Kraus, A; Edwards, GD; Mueller, M; Lefer, BL; Johnston, P; Schwander, H; Flittner, D; Gardiner, BG; Barrick, J; Schmitt, RJournal Article
24-Apr-2004Photolysis frequency of O-3 to O(D-1): Measurements and modeling during the International Photolysis Frequency Measurement and Modeling Intercomparison (IPMMI)Hofzumahaus, A; Lefer, BL; Monks, PS; Hall, SR; Kylling, A; Mayer, B; Shetter, RE; Junkermann, W; Bais, A; Calvert, JG; Cantrell, CA; Madronich, S; Edwards, GD; Kraus, A; Muller, M; Bohn, B; Schmitt, R; Johnston, P; McKenzie, R; Frost, GJ; Griffioen, E; Krol, M; Martin, T; Pfister, G; Roth, EP; Ruggaber, A; Swartz, WH; Lloyd, SA; Van Weele MJournal Article
1-Dec-1997The effect of artificial modification in the E region on HF ray propagationStocker, AJ; Robinson, TR; Jones, TB; Stubbe, PJournal Article