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19-Apr-2011Artificial small-scale field-aligned irregularities in the high latitude F region of the ionosphere induced by an X-mode HF heater waveBlagoveshchenskaya, NF; Borisova, TD; Yeoman, TK; Rietveld, MT; Ivanova, IM; Baddeley, LJJournal Article
25-Feb-2009A statistical study of the open magnetic flux content of the magnetosphere at the time of substorm onsetBoakes, PD; Milan, SE; Abel, GA; Freeman, MP; Chisham, G; Hubert, BJournal Article
6-Aug-2010Variation of Saturn's UV aurora with SKR phaseNichols, JD; Cecconi, B; Clarke, JT; Cowley, SWH; Gerard, J-C; Grocott, A; Grodent, D; Lamy, L; Zarka, PJournal Article
1-Dec-2010Improvement on state estimation for discrete-time LTI systems with measurement lossKhan, N; Fekri, S; Gu, DJournal Article
1-Jan-2000Formation of carbene and cyclopentadienyl ligands from phenylacetylene via oligomerisation and C C bond scission at a mixed-metal W-Co centreDavies, JE; Mays, MJ; Raithby, PR; Sarveswaran, K; Solan, GAJournal Article
1-Sep-2007Incursion of a large-volume, spatter-bearing pyroclastic density current into a caldera lake: Pavey Ark ignimbrite, Scafell caldera, EnglandKokelaar, P; Raine, P; Branney, MJJournal Article
1-May-2008A transport-distance approach to scaling erosion rates: 2. Sensitivity and evaluation of MAHLERANWainwright, J; Parsons, AJ; Mueller, EN; Brazier, RE; Powell, DM; Fenti, BJournal Article
18-Sep-2009Both solar wind-magnetosphere coupling and ring current intensity control of the size of the auroral ovalMilan, SEJournal Article
5-Nov-2009Solar wind charge exchange observed through the lunar exosphereRobertson, IP; Sembay, S; Stubbs, TJ; Kuntz, KD; Collier, MR; Cravens, TE; Snowden, SL; Hills, HK; Porter, FS; Travnicek, P; Carter, JA; Read, AMJournal Article
7-Oct-2003Separation, recovery and recycling of a fluorous-tagged nickel catalyst using fluorous solid-phase extractionCroxtall, B; Hope, EG; Stuart, AMJournal Article