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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
15-Feb-1995The Ginga hard X-ray spectrum of AM HerculisBeardmore, A. P.; Done, C.; Osborne, Julian Paul; Ishida, M.Journal Article
15-Aug-1994ROSAT constraints on the intermediate polar candidates V 426 Oph, SW UMa and 1H0709 – 360ROSEN, S.; CLAYTON, K. L.; OSBORNE, Julian Paul; MCGALE, P. A.Journal Article
1-Aug-1997Stream-fed and disc-fed accretion in TX ColumbaeNorton, A. J.; Hellier, C.; Beardmore, Andrew P.; Wheatley, P. J.; Osborne, Julian Paul; Taylor, P.Journal Article
1-Aug-1997Ginga and ROSAT observations of AO Psc and V1223 SgrTaylor, P.; Beardmore, A. P.; Norton, A. J.; Osborne, Julian Paul; Watson, M. G.Journal Article
15-Nov-1991The EUV mini-survey with the ROSAT wide field cameraPounds, K. A.; Abbey, A. F.; Barstow, M. A.; Bentley, R. D.; Bewick, A.; Breeveld, E. R.; Cole, R. E.; Courtier, G. M.; Deeley, M.; Denby, M.; Goodall, C. V.; Gourlay, J. A.; Guttridge, P. R.; Harris, A. W.; Huckle, H. E.; Kent, B. J.; Lieu, R.; Mccalden, A. J.; Page, C. G.; Pankiewicz, G. S.; Ponman, T. J.; Pye, J. P.; Reading, D. H.; Richards, A. G.; Ricketts, M. J.; Rochester, G. K.; Sansom, A. E.; Sembay, S. E.; Sidher, S.; Sims, M. R.; Spragg, J. E.; Sumner, T. J.; Swinyard, B. M.; Vallance, R. J.; Watson, D. J.; Watson, M. G.; Wells, A. A.; Willingale, R.; Wright, J. S.Journal Article
21-Oct-1998A search for hidden white dwarfs in the ROSAT EUV survey - II. Discovery of a distant DA+F6/7V binary system in a direction of low-density neutral hydrogenBurleigh, M. R.; Barstow, M. A.; Holberg, J. B.Journal Article
16-Dec-1998theta Hya: spectroscopic identification of a second B star plus white dwarf binaryBurleigh, MR; Barstow, MAJournal Article
15-Jun-1996Accretion mode changes in QS Tel (RE 1938-461): EUVE, ROSAT and optical observationsRosen, S. R.; Mittaz, J. P. D.; Buckley, D. A.; Layden, A. C.; Clayton, K. L.; McCain, C.; Wynn, G. A.; Sirk, M. M.; Osborne, J. P.; Watson, M. G.Journal Article
11-May-1997A search for hidden white dwarfs in the ROSAT extreme ultraviolet surveyBurleigh, M. R.; Barstow, M. A.; Fleming, T. A.Journal Article