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16-May-2014Cassini nightside observations of the oscillatory motion of Saturn's northern auroral ovalBunce, Emma J.; Grodent, D. C.; Jinks, S. L.; Andrews, D. J.; Badman, S. V.; Coates, A. J.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Dougherty, M. K.; Kurth, W. S.; Mitchell, D. G.; Provan, G.Journal Article
Mar-2003Jupiter's polar ionospheric flows: theoretical interpretationCowley, S. W. H.; Bunce, E. J.; Stallard, T. S.; Miller, S.Article
11-Nov-2005A simple axisymmetric model of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling currents in Jupiter's polar ionosphereCowley, S. W. H.; Alexeev, I. I.; Belenkaya, E. S.; Bunce, E. J.; Cottis, C. E.; Kalegaev, V. V.; Nichols, Jonathan D.; Prangé, R.; Wilson, F. J.Article
5-Feb-2005Reconnection in a rotation-dominated magnetosphere and its relation to Saturn's auroral dynamicsCowley, S. W. H.; Badman, S. V.; Bunce, E. J.; Clarke, J. T.; Gérard, J.-C.; Grodent, D.; Jackman, C.M.; Milan, Steve E.; Yeoman, Tim K.Article
24-Apr-2004Response of the magnetotail to changes in the open flux content of the magnetosphereMilan, Steve E.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Lester, M.; Wright, D. M.; Slavin, J. A.; Fillingim, M.; Carlson, C.W.; Singer, H.J.Article
1-Oct-1999Observations of the response time of high-latitude ionospheric convection to variations in the interplanetary magnetic field using EISCAT and IMP-8 dataKhan, H.; Cowley, S. W. H.Journal Article
1-Nov-1999A multipoint study of a substorm occurring on 7 December, 1992, and its theoretical implicationsFox, N. J.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Davda, V. N.; Enno, G.; Friis-Christensen, E.; Greenwald, R. A.; Hairston, M. R.; Lester, Mark; Lockwood, M.; Luhr, H.; Milling, D. K.; Murphree, J. S.; Pinnock, M.; Reeves, G. D.Journal Article
1-Feb-1999Meridian-scanning photometer, coherent HF radar, and magnetometer observations of the cusp: a case studyMilan, Stephen E.; Lester, Mark; Cowley, S. W. H.; Moen, J.; Sandholt, P. E.; Owen, C. J.Journal Article
1-Jun-1999A flux transfer event observed at the magnetopause by the Equator-S spacecraft and in the ionosphere by the CUTLASS HF radarNeudegg, D. A.; Yeoman, T. K.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Provan, G.; Haerendel, G.; Baumjohann, W.; Auster, U.; Fornacon, K. H.; Georgescu, E.; Owen, C. J.Journal Article
1-Apr-2000A survey of magnetopause FTEs and associated flow bursts in the polar ionosphereNeudegg, D. A.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Milan, Stephen E.; Yeoman, T. K.; Lester, Mark; Provan, G.; Haerendel, G.; Baumjohann, W.; Nikutowski, B.; Buchner, J.; Auster, U.; Fornacon, K. H.; Georgescu, E.Journal Article