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2002High and variable spectral width in the pre-dawn sector: A case study involving CUTLASS, EISCAT, ESR and optical dataWoodfield, E.E.; Davies, J.A.; Eglitis, P.; Lester, M.Article
Aug-2006Cluster observations of a magnetic field cavity in the plasma sheetDraper, N.C.; Lester, M.; Cowley, S.W.H.; Bosqued, J.-M.; Grocott, Adrian; Wild, J.A.; Bogdanova, Y.; Fazakerley, A.N.; Davies, J.A.Article
28-Feb-2005Localized fast flow disturbance observed in the plasma sheet and in the ionosphereNakamura, R.; Amm, O.; Laakso, H.; Draper, N.C.; Lester, M.; Grocott, Adrian; Klecker, B.; McCrea, I.W.; Balogh, A.; Rème, H.; André, M.Article
2003Detection of artificially generated ULF waves by the FAST spacecraft and its application to the “tagging” of narrow flux tubesWright, D.M.; Davies, J.A.; Robinson, T.R.; Yeoman, Tim K.; Lester, M.; Cash, S.R.; Kolesnikova, E.; Strangeway, R.; Horne, R.B.; Rietveld, M.T.; Carlson, C.W.Article
17-Apr-2012AXIOM: Advanced X-ray imaging of the magnetosheathSembay, S.; Branduardi-Raymont, G.; Eastwood, J.P.; Sibeck, D.G.; Abbey, A.; Brown, P.; Carter, J.A.; Carr, C.M.; Forsyth, C.; Kataria, D.; Kemble, S.; Milan, S.; Owen, C.J.; Read, A.M.; Peacocke, L.; Arridge, C.S.; Coates, A.J.; Collier, M.R.; Cowley, S.W.H.; Fazakerley, A.N.; Fraser, G.; Jones, G.H.; Lallement, R.; Lester, M.; Porter, F.S.; Yeoman, T.Journal Article
Jan-2007A decade of the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN): scientific achievements, new techniques and future directionsChisham, G.; Lester, M.; Milan, Steve E.; Freeman, M.P.; Bristow, W.A.; Grocott, Adrian; McWilliams, K.A.; Ruohoniemi, J.M.; Yeoman, Tim K.; Dyson, P.L.; Greenwald, R.A.; Kikuchi, T.; Pinnock, M.; Rash, J.P.S.; Sato, N.; Sofko, G.J.; Villain, J.-P.; Walker, A.D.M.Article
Apr-1998Observations of the reduction in the available HF band on four high latitude paths during periods of geomagnetic disturbanceMilan, S.E.; Lester, M.; Jones, T.B.; Warrington, E. MichaelArticle
Mar-2006Observations of tail dynamics using ground and space based instruments during a period of multiple substorm eventsForsyth, Colin; Lester, M.; Milan, Steve E.; Grocott, Adrian; Frey, H.U.; Lucek, E.; Rème, H.; Watermann, J.F.Conference paper
1-Jun-1997The response of the magnetosphere to the passage of a coronal mass ejection on March 20-21 1990Taylor, J. R.; Lester, M.; Yeoman, T. K.; Emery, B. A.; Knipp, D. J.; Orr, D.; Solovyev, S. I.; Hughes, T. J.; Luhr, H.Journal Article
15-Jan-2003Solar–wind–magnetosphere–ionosphere interactions in the Earth's plasma environmentCowley, S.W.H.; Davies, J.A.; Grocott, Adrian; Khan, H.; Lester, M.; McWilliams, K.A.; Milan, Steve E.; Provan, G.P.; Sandholt, P.E.; Wild, J.A.; Yeoman, Tim K.Article