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30-Jan-2019Characterization and application of Bragg-edge transmission imaging for strain measurement and crystallographic analysis on the IMAT beamlineRamadhan, R; Kockelmann, W; Minniti, T; Chen, B; Parfitt, D; Fitzpatrick, M; Tremsin, AJournal Article
14-Dec-2016IACHEC CROSS-CALIBRATION OF CHANDRA, NuSTAR, SWIFT, SUZAKU, XMM-NEWTON WITH 3C 273 ANDPKS 2155-304Madsen, KK; Beardmore, AP; Forster, K; Guainazzi, M; Marshall, HL; Miller, ED; Page, KL; Stuhlinger, MJournal Article
16-Mar-2018Synthesis, characterization, and cytotoxic properties of mono- and di-nuclear cobalt(ii)-polypyridyl complexes.Eskandari, A; Kundu, A; Lu, C; Ghosh, S; Suntharalingam, KJournal Article
13-Sep-2018Multimodal Affective Computing to Enhance the User Experience of Educational Software ApplicationsMaria Garcia-Garcia, J; Penichet, VMR; Dolores Lozano, M; Enrique Garrido, J; Law, EL-CJournal Article
12-Mar-2019The SMC X-ray binary SXP4.78: A new Type II outburst and the identification and study of the optical counterpartMonageng, IM; Coe, MJ; Townsend, LJ; Buckley, DAH; McBride, VA; Roche, PD; Kennea, JA; Udalski, A; Evans, PAJournal Article
10-Jan-2018Comparison of CdZnTe neutron detector models using MCNP6 and Geant4Wilson, Emma; Anderson, Mike; Prendergasty, David; Cheneler, DavidConference Paper
4-Sep-2017A reactive oxygen species-generating, cyclooxygenase-2 inhibiting, cancer stem cell-potent tetranuclear copper(ii) cluster.Lu, C.; Laws, K.; Eskandari, A.; Suntharalingam, K.Journal Article
23-May-2017Recent Joint Studies Related to the Development of Space Radioisotope Power SystemsKramer, DP; Ambrosi, R; Sarsfield, M; Watkinson, EJ; Mesalam, R; Williams, H; Barklay, C; Tinsley, T; Goodrich, S; Pierson, T; Whiting, CConference Paper
13-Apr-2018The lesson learnt during interact - I and INTERACT - II actris measurement campaignsRosoldi, M; Madonna, F; Pappalardo, G; Vande Hey, J; Zheng, YConference Paper
1-Oct-2018Microstructure and mechanical properties of a high Nb-TiAl alloy fabricated by electron beam meltingChen, B; Kan, W; Jing, C; Peng, H; Lin, JJournal Article