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2-Aug-2018Mechanistic Exploitation of a Self-Repairing, Blocked Proton Transfer Pathway in an O2-Tolerant [NiFe]-Hydrogenase.Evans, RM; Ash, PA; Beaton, SE; Brooke, EJ; Vincent, KA; Carr, SB; Armstrong, FAJournal Article
17-Mar-2019Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Sentinel-3A Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer, Using a Split-Window AlgorithmYitong, Z; Ren, H; Guo, J; Ghent, D; Tansey, K; Hu, X; Nie, J; Chen, SJournal Article
17-Jun-2019Topological assessment of gait synchronisation in overground walking groupsSoczawa-Stronczyk, Artur A.; Bocian, Mateusz; Wdowicka, Hanna; Malin, JosephJournal Article
4-Dec-2017Protein Film Infrared Electrochemistry Demonstrated for Study of H2 Oxidation by a [NiFe] Hydrogenase.Ash, Philip A.; Hidalgo, Ricardo; Vincent, Kylie A.Journal Article
27-Oct-2016Infrared spectroscopy of the nitrogenase MoFe protein under electrochemical control: potential-triggered CO binding.Paengnakorn, P; Ash, PA; Shaw, S; Danyal, K; Chen, T; Dean, DR; Seefeldt, LC; Vincent, KAJournal Article
9-May-2017Generating single metalloprotein crystals in well-defined redox states: electrochemical control combined with infrared imaging of a NiFe hydrogenase crystal.Ash, PA; Carr, SB; Reeve, HA; Skorupskaitė, A; Rowbotham, JS; Shutt, R; Frogley, MD; Evans, RM; Cinque, G; Armstrong, FA; Vincent, KAJournal Article
8-Aug-2017The chemistry of protoplanetary fragments formed via gravitational instabilitiesIlee, JD; Forgan, DH; Evans, MG; Hall, C; Booth, R; Clarke, CJ; Rice, WKM; Boley, AC; Caselli, P; Hartquist, TW; Rawlings, JMCJournal Article
4-Feb-2019The Temporal Requirements of Directly Observing Self-gravitating Spiral Waves in Protoplanetary Disks with ALMAHall, C; Dong, R; Rice, K; Harries, TJ; Najita, J; Alexander, R; Brittain, SJournal Article
13-Nov-2018The Fate of Formamide in a Fragmenting Protoplanetary DiskQuénard, David; Ilee, John D.; Jiménez-Serra, Izaskun; Forgan, Duncan H.; Hall, Cassandra; Rice, KenJournal Article
9-Nov-2017Towards a population synthesis model of self-gravitating disc fragmentation and tidal downsizing II: the effect of fragment-fragment interactionsForgan, D. H.; Hall, C.; Meru, F.; Rice, W. K. M.Journal Article