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15-Jan-2019Erratum: Swift follow-up of gravitational wave triggers: results from the first aLIGO run and optimisation for the futureEvans, PA; Kennea, JA; Palmer, DM; Bilicki, M; Osborne, JP; O'Brien, PT; Tanvir, NR; Lien, AY; Barthelmy, SD; Burrows, DN; Campana, S; Cenko, SB; D'Elia, V; Gehrels, N; Marshall, FE; Page, KL; Perri, M; Sbarufatti, B; Siegel, MH; Tagliaferri, G; Troja, EJournal Article
13-Mar-2019Description generation for remote sensing images using attributesZhang, X; Wang, X; Tang, X; Zhou, H; Li, CJournal Article
16-Jan-2019Warm absorbers: supermassive black hole feeding and Compton-thick AGNZubovas, Kastytis; King, AndrewJournal Article
26-Apr-2019Types, obstacles and sources of empowerment in co-design: the role of shared material objects and processesPhillips, M; Zamenopoulos, T; Lam, B; Alexiou, K; Kelemen, M; De Sousa, S; Moffat, SJournal Article
4-Apr-2019Towards the Construction of a Mathematically Rigorous Framework for the Modelling of Evolutionary Fitness.Kuzenkov, Oleg; Morozov, AndrewJournal Article
23-Apr-2019Single-cell trajectories reconstruction, exploration and mapping of omics data with STREAM.Chen, H; Albergante, L; Hsu, JY; Lareau, CA; Lo Bosco, G; Guan, J; Zhou, S; Gorban, AN; Bauer, DE; Aryee, MJ; Langenau, DM; Zinovyev, A; Buenrostro, JD; Yuan, G-C; Pinello, LJournal Article
12-Apr-2019Impact of Soil Reflectance Variation Correction on Woody Cover Estimation in Kruger National Park Using MODIS DataIbrahim, S; Balzter, H; Tansey, K; Mathieu, R; Tsutsumida, NJournal Article
29-May-2019A method for reconstructing temporal changes in vegetation functional trait composition using Holocene pollen assemblages.Carvalho, F; Brown, KA; Waller, MP; Bunting, MJ; Boom, A; Leng, MJJournal Article
20-Sep-2018NGTS-2b: an inflated hot-Jupiter transiting a bright F-dwarfRaynard, L; Goad, MR; Gillen, E; Nielsen, LD; Watson, CA; Thompson, APG; McCormac, J; Bayliss, D; Soto, M; Csizmadia, S; Chaushev, A; Burleigh, MR; Alexander, R; Armstrong, DJ; Bouchy, F; Briegal, JT; Cabrera, J; Casewell, SL; Chazelas, B; Cooke, BF; Eigmueller, P; Erikson, A; Gansicke, BT; Grange, A; Guenther, MN; Hodgkin, ST; Hooton, MJ; Jenkins, JS; Lambert, G; Louden, T; Metrailler, L; Moyano, M; Pollacco, D; Poppenhaeger, K; Queloz, D; Raddi, R; Rauer, H; Read, AM; Smalley, B; Smith, AMS; Turner, O; Udry, S; Walker, SR; West, RG; Wheatley, PJJournal Article
20-Apr-2019NGTS-4b: A sub-Neptune Transiting in the DesertWest, RG; Gillen, E; Bayliss, D; Burleigh, MR; Delrez, L; Günther, MN; Hodgkin, ST; Jackman, JAG; Jenkins, JS; King, G; McCormac, J; Nielsen, LD; Raynard, L; Smith, AMS; Soto, M; Turner, O; Wheatley, PJ; Almleaky, Y; Armstrong, DJ; Belardi, C; Bouchy, F; Briegal, JT; Burdanov, A; Cabrera, J; Casewel, SL; Chaushev, A; Chazelas, B; Chote, P; Cooke, BF; Csizmadia, S; Ducrot, E; Eigmüller, P; Erikson, A; Foxell, E; Gänsicke, BT; Gillon, M; Goad, MR; Jehin, E; Lambert, G; Longstaff, ES; Louden, T; Moyano, M; Murray, C; Pollacco, D; Queloz, D; Rauer, H; Sohy, S; Thompson, SJ; Udry, S; Walker, SR; Watson, CAJournal Article