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8-Apr-2019Requirements Elicitation Using Framenet FramesKundi, MahwishThesis
29-Jun-2019Quantifying gendered participation in OpenStreetMap: responding to theories of female (under) representation in crowdsourced mappingGardner, Z.; Mooney, P.; De Sabbata, S.; Dowthwaite, L.Journal Article
23-Jul-2018Timescales of Dayside and Nightside Field-Aligned Current Response to Changes in Solar Wind-Magnetosphere CouplingMilan, SE; Carter, JA; Sangha, H; Laundal, KM; Ostgaard, N; Tenfjord, P; Reistad, JP; Snekvik, K; Coxon, JC; Korth, H; Anderson, BJJournal Article
17-Jun-2019A Triangular Platinum(II) Multi-nuclear Complex with Impressive Cytotoxicity Towards Breast Cancer Stem Cells.Eskandari, Arvin; Kundu, Arunangshu; Ghosh, Sushobhan; Suntharalingam, KogularamananJournal Article
12-Apr-2019The Two-Faced God Janus or What Does n-Hausdorfness Have to Do With Dynamics and Topology?Staynova, Petra G.Thesis
17-May-2019Spectral Analysis of GRBs Observed by Swift and Fermi SatellitesMoneer, Eman M. A.Thesis
5-Apr-2019Sensor Applications Based On Molecularly Imprinted Polymers Prepared By Solid Phase ApproachSheej Ahmad, Omar A.Thesis
10-May-2019Consistent Preference Similarity Network Clustering and Influence Based Consensus Group Decision MakingKamis, Nor H.Thesis
12-Feb-2018OpenStreetMap data for alcohol research: Reliability assessment and quality indicatorsDe Sabbata, S; Bright, J; Lee, S; Ganesh, B; Humphreys, DKJournal Article
18-Apr-2018'Hardcastle Hollows' in loess landforms: Closed depressions in aeolian landscapes - in a geoheritage contextFagg, Roger; Smalley, IanJournal Article