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1-Mar-1999A study of [Os(bipy) (PVP) (PS) Cl] polymer film modified electrodes using neutron reflectivityWilson, RW; Bailey, L; Hillman, AR; Wilson, RW; Cubitt, R; Gonsalves, M; Glidle, A; Vos, JG; Hogan, C; Webster, JRPJournal Article
7-May-2004The solid-state reaction of a functionalised polypyrrole; analysis using high resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopyCooper, JM; Glidle, A; Hillman, AR; Ingram, MD; Ryder, C; Ryder, KSJournal Article
15-Nov-2001Temporal and spatial profiling of the modification of an electroactive polymeric interface using neutron reflectivityGlidle, A; Hadyoon, CS; Ryder, KS; Swann, MJ; Cooper, JM; Bailey, L; Hillman, AR; Jackson, A; Saville, PM; Wilson, RW; Ryder, KS; Webster, JRP; Wilson, RWJournal Article
2001Electroactive bilayers employing conducting polymers part 6. Kinetic electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance measurementsHillman, AR; Glidle, AJournal Article
4-Aug-2005Evaluating the influence of deposition conditions on solvation of reactive conducting polymers with neutron reflectivityGlidle, A; Hadyoon, CS; Gadegaard, N; Cooper, JM; Hillman, AR; Wilson, RW; Ryder, KS; Ryder, KS; Webster, JRP; Cubitt, RJournal Article
30-Dec-2009Metal chelation and spatial profiling of components in crown ether functionalised conducting copolymer filmsGlidle, A; Cooper, JM; Hillman, AR; Ryder, KS; Smith, EL; Dalgliesh, R; Cubitt, R; Geue, TJournal Article
2010Structure and dynamics of phospholipid bilayer films under electrochemical controlHillman, AR; Ryder, KS; Madrid, E; Burley, AW; Wiltshire, RJ; Merotra, J; Grau, M; Horswell, SL; Glidle, A; Dalgliesh, RM; Hughes, A; Cubitt, R; Wildes, AJournal Article
6-Sep-2002Spatial distributions of polymer and mobile species in poly(o-toluidine) filmsHillman, AR; Bailey, L; Glidle, A; Cooper, JM; Gadegaard, N; Webster, JRPJournal Article
29-Dec-2008Use of Neutron Reflectivity to Measure the Dynamics of Solvation and Structural Changes in Polyvinylferrocene Films During Electrochemically Controlled Redox Cycling (dagger).Glidle, A; Hillman, AR; Ryder, KS; Smith, EL; Cooper, J; Gadegaard, N; Webster, JR; Dalgliesh, R; Cubitt, RJournal Article
1993Effect of electrolyte concentration and redox centre oxidation state on the layer mass of osmium-containing poly(4-vinylpyridine) filmsClarke, AP; Vos, JG; Glidle, A; Hillman, ARJournal Article