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7-May-2004The solid-state reaction of a functionalised polypyrrole; analysis using high resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopyCooper, JM; Glidle, A; Hillman, AR; Ingram, MD; Ryder, C; Ryder, KSJournal Article
15-Nov-2001Temporal and spatial profiling of the modification of an electroactive polymeric interface using neutron reflectivityGlidle, A; Hadyoon, CS; Ryder, KS; Swann, MJ; Cooper, JM; Bailey, L; Hillman, AR; Jackson, A; Saville, PM; Wilson, RW; Ryder, KS; Webster, JRP; Wilson, RWJournal Article
2001Electroactive bilayers employing conducting polymers part 6. Kinetic electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance measurementsHillman, AR; Glidle, AJournal Article
30-Jun-2000Counter-ion specific effects on charge and solvent trapping in poly(vinylferrocene) filmsJureviciute, I; Bruckenstein, S; Hillman, ARJournal Article
1-Jan-2000Evolution from gravimetric to viscoelastic response of poly(3-methylthiophene)-loaded acoustic wave resonatorsSkompska, M; Jackson, A; Hillman, ARJournal Article
16-Mar-2001Ion and solvent transfer discrimination at a nickel hydroxide film exposed to LiOH by combined electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance (EQCM) and probe beam deflection (PBD) techniquesFrench, HM; Henderson, MJ; Hillman, AR; Vieil, EJournal Article
1-Jan-2005Film resonance on acoustic wave devices: The roles of frequency and contacting fluidLagier, CM; Efimov, I; Hillman, ARJournal Article
Aug-2005Modelling mobile species dynamics within electroactive films under mixed thermodynamic and kinetic controlHillman, AR; Mohamoud, MA; Bruckenstein, SJournal Article
10-Oct-2005Spectroelectrochemical characterisation of copper salen-based polymer-modified electrodesMartins, M; Boas, MV; De Castro B; Freire, C; Hillman, AR; Boas, MV; Hillman, AR; Freire, CJournal Article
15-Feb-2006Cation participation during the redox switching of poly(vinylferrocene) films in aqueous 0.05 M perchlorate solutions: Part 1: Cyclic voltammetry and the EQCMJureviciute, I; Bruckenstein, S; Hillman, AR; Jureviciute, I; Bruckenstein, S; Hillman, ARJournal Article