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7-Jul-2010Synthesis and characterisation of some iridium-carbonyl-fluoride complexes. Crystal structures of [IrF(CO){P(C6H4-2-CH3)3}2] and [IrF2(COD)py2][BF4].Fawcett, J; Harding, DA; Hope, EGJournal Article
28-Dec-2001A new synthetic route to [MF(μ-F)(CO)] ( M=Ru , Os) and their reactivity with P(CH-4-X) ( X=O CH, OH) and P(CH-2-OH): Crystal structure of [Os(CO){κ-(2-OCH) P(CH-2-OH)}]Coleman, KS; Fawcett, J; Holloway, JH; Hope, EG; Nassar, RJournal Article
Apr-2005Synthesis and coordination chemistry of perfluoroalkylated dithiophosphate ligandsFawcett, J; Hope, EG; Stuart, AM; Wood, DRWJournal Article
Jul-2005Synthesis and coordination chemistry of fluorinated xanthate ligandsFawcett, J; Hope, EG; Stuart, AM; Wood, DRWJournal Article
15-Nov-2007Alkynylphosphanes as supports for mixed-metal CoM (M = Ru, Os) fluoride complexes: Syntheses, structures and thermolysis studiesHarding, DAJ; Hope, EG; Fawcett, J; Solan, GAJournal Article
14-Sep-2009N-Heterocyclic carbene-containing ruthenium difluoro complexes and their reactivity towards BF(3).Fawcett, J; Harding, DA; Hope, EG; Singh, K; Solan, GAJournal Article
Sep-2010Routes to ruthenium-fluoro cations of the type [RuL (CO) F] (n = 2,3; L = PR , NHC): A play-off between solvent, L and weakly coordinating anionColeman, KS; Fawcett, J; Harding, DAJ; Hope, EG; Singh, K; Solan, GA; Coleman, KSJournal Article
27-Mar-2006Rhodium, palladium and platinum coordination complexes of fluoroalkylated-BINAP and -MonoPhos ligandsFawcett, J; Hope, EG; Stuart, AM; West, AJJournal Article
1-Aug-2006Coordination chemistry of 1,2-bis{di-(4-methoxyphenyl)phosphino}ethane (L-L) to nickel, palladium and platinum: Single crystal structures of [MCl(L-L)] (M = Ni, Pd)Fawcett, J; Hope, EG; Stuart, AM; Sherrington, JJournal Article
2006Re-evaluation of the X-ray crystal structure of [TaF ] and the synthesis and characterization of a series of mixed-metal pentafluorides of niobium and tantalumBrewer, SA; Brisdon, AK; Fawcett, J; Holliman, PJ; Holloway, JH; Hope, EG; Russell, DR; Holliman, PJJournal Article