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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Mar-2001Mass estimates in short-period compact binariesKolb, U; King, AR; Baraffe, IJournal Article
10-Aug-2008Models for low-mass X-ray binaries in the elliptical galaxies NGC 3379 and NGC 4278: Comparison with observationsFragos, T; Kalogera, V; Belczynski, K; Fabbiano, G; Kim, D-W; Brassington, NJ; Zezas, A; Angelini, L; Davies, RL; Gallagher, JS; King, AR; Pellegrini, S; Trinchieri, G; Zepf, SE; Kundu, AJournal Article
10-Sep-2006Multiwavelength observations of EXO 0748-676. II. Emission-line behaviorPearson, KJ; Hynes, RI; Steeghs, D; Jonker, PG; Haswell, CA; King, AR; O'Brien, K; Nelemans, G; Mendez, MJournal Article
10-Sep-2006Multiwavelength observations of EXO 0748-676. I. Reprocessing of X-ray burstsHynes, RI; Horne, K; O'Brien, K; Haswell, CA; Robinson, EL; King, AR; Charles, PA; Pearson, KJJournal Article
1-Jan-2001Superhumps in black hole X-ray transientsHaswell, CA; Rolfe, DJ; King, AR; Murray, JRJournal Article
1-Mar-2001Superhumps in low-mass X-ray binariesHaswell, CA; King, AR; Murray, JR; Charles, PAJournal Article
1-Sep-2002The brightest black holesKing, ARJournal Article
10-Aug-2003The disk-jet connection in microquasars and active galactic nucleiLivio, M; Pringle, JE; King, ARJournal Article
20-Jan-2006GRB 050911: A black hole-neutron star merger or a naked GRBPage, KL; King, AR; Levan, AJ; O'Brien, PT; Osborne, JP; Barthelmy, SD; Beardmore, AP; Burrows, DN; Campana, S; Gehrels, N; Graham, J; Goad, MR; Godet, O; Kaneko, Y; Kennea, JA; Markwardt, CB; Reichart, DE; Sakamoto, T; Tanvir, NRJournal Article
1-Nov-2004How special is the Solar system?Beer, ME; King, AR; Livio, M; Pringle, JE; Pringle, JEJournal Article