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1-Dec-2008Abrupt environmental and climatic change during the deposition of the Early Permian Haushi limestone, OmanStephenson, MH; Angiolini, L; Berra, F; Jadoul, F; Gambacorta, G; Verna, V; Leng, MJ; Brewer, TS; Al Beloushi BJournal Article
May-2008Unravelling contamination signals in biogenic silica oxygen isotope composition: The role of major and trace element geochemistryBrewer, TS; Marsh, NG; Leng, MJ; Lamb, AL; Leng, MJ; Mackay, AW; Tyler, JJJournal Article
Sep-2007Lower Permian brachiopods from Oman: Their potential as climatic proxiesAngiolini, L; Berra, F; Jadoul, F; Darbyshire, DPF; Leng, MJ; Stephenson, MH; Leng, MJ; Brewer, TSJournal Article
May-2007A geochemical method for removing the effect of tephra on lake diatom oxygen isotope recordsLamb, AL; Leng, MJ; Sloane, HJ; Brewer, TS; Leng, MJ; Lamb, HFJournal Article
Nov-2009Exploring former subglacial Hodgson Lake, Antarctica. Paper II: palaeolimnologyHodgson, DA; Roberts, SJ; Bentley, MJ; Carmichael, EL; Smith, JA; Geissler, P; Bentley, MJ; Smith, JA; Verleyen, E; Vyverman, W; Leng, MJ; Sanderson, DCWJournal Article
Jul-2008A 140-year record of recent changes in aquatic productivity in a remote, tropical alpine lake in the Rwenzori Mountain National Park, UgandaPanizzo, VN; MacKay, AW; Rose, N; Ssemmanda, I; Taylor, R; Leng, MJ; Leng, MJJournal Article
May-2008Oxygen isotope ratios of sedimentary biogenic silica reflect the European transcontinental climate gradientTyler, JJ; Tyler, JJ; Leng, MJ; Sloane, HJ; Leng, MJ; Sachse, D; Gleixner, G; Tyler, JJ; Sachse, DJournal Article
Jul-2007Evaluating socio-economic change in the Andes using oribatid mite abundances as indicators of domestic animal densitiesChepstow-Lusty, AJ; Chepstow-Lusty, AJ; Frogley, MR; Bauer, BS; Leng, MJ; Cundy, AB; Boessenkool, KP; Gioda, AJournal Article
Apr-2000Geochemistry of the acid Kawah Putih lake, Patuha Volcano, West Java, IndonesiaSriwana, T; Van Bergen MJ; Sriwana, T; Sumarti, S; Varekamp, JC; Takano, B; Van Os BJH; Leng, MJJournal Article
Jan-2007A high-resolution multi-proxy stalagmite record from Mechara, Southeastern Ethiopia: Palaeohydrological implications for speleothem palaeoclimate reconstructionAsrat, A; Mohammed, MU; Baker, A; Smith, C; Leng, MJ; Van Calsteren P; Leng, MJJournal Article