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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
2003The Carboniferous evolution of the Central Coalfield Basin, Midland Valley of Scotland: implications for basin formation and the regional tectonic settingHooper, Matthew DavidThesis
Jan-2003Modulation of Jovian middle magnetosphere currents and auroral precipitation by solar wind-induced compressions and expansions of the magnetosphere: Initial response and steady stateCowley, SWH; Bunce, EJJournal Article
Jan-2003Modulation of Jupiter's main auroral oval emissions by solar wind induced expansions and compressions of the magnetosphereCowley, SWH; Bunce, EJJournal Article
11-Nov-2003On characterizing the variability properties of X-ray light curves from active galaxiesVaughan, S; Vaughan, S; Warwick, RS; Edelson, R; Uttley, PJournal Article
Sep-2003Sgr A East and its surroundings - a view with XMM-NewtonSakano, M; Warwick, RS; Decourchelle, AJournal Article
Jun-2003The 1000 brightest HIPASS galaxies: The H I mass function and ωZwaan, MA; Barnes, DG; Meyer, M; Ryan-Weber, E; Waugh, M; Webster, RL; Staveley-Smith, L; Koribalski, BS; Ekers, RD; Haynes, RF; Kesteven, MJ; Mader, S; Marquarding, M; Ryan-Weber, E; Wright, AE; Henning, PA; Price, RM; Kilborn, VA; Ryder, SD; Bhathal, R; Stootman, F; Boyce, PJ; De Blok WJG; Disney, MJ; Minchin, RF; Drinkwater, MJ; Freeman, KC; Jerjen, H; O'Brien, J; Warren, B; Gibson, BK; Green, AJ; Juraszek, S; Sadler, EM; Knezek, PM; Kraan-Korteweg, RC; Mould, JR; Oosterloo, T; Putman, ME; Schröder, A; Stewart, IMJournal Article
21-Oct-2003Iron K-features in the hard X-ray XMM-Newton spectrum of NGC 4151Schurch, NJ; Griffiths, RE; Warwick, RS; Sembay, SJournal Article
Sep-2003High performance magnetic materials produced by assembling gas-phase magnetic nanoclustersBinns, C; Maher, MJ; Baker, SH; Louch, SC; Thornton, SC; Dhesi, SS; Brookes, NBJournal Article
12-Dec-2003The regiospecific Fischer Indole reaction in choline chloride.2ZnCl[subscript 2] with product isolation by direct sublimation from the ionic liquidCalderon Morales, Raul; Tambyrajah, Vasuki; Jenkins, Paul R.; Davies, David L.; Abbott, Andrew P.Article
27-Jan-2003Shallow donor state of hydrogen in indium nitrideDavis, Edward A.; Cox, S.F.J.; Lichti, R.L.; Van de Walle, C.G.Journal Article