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31-Jul-2006Early multi-wavelength emission from gamma-ray bursts : from gamma-ray to X-rayO'Brien, Paul T.; Willingale, Richard; Osborne, Julian P.; Goad, Michael R.Journal Article
Dec-2006Geophysical constraints on the crustal architecture of the Troodos ophiolite: results from the IANGASS projectMackenzie, G. D.; Maguire, P. K. H.; Coogan, L. A.; Khan, M. A.; Eaton, M.; Petrides, G.Article
Feb-2006Investigation of scintillator coated CCDs for medical imagingLees, JE; Bassford, D; Fraser, GW; Monk, D; Early, M; Ott, RJ; Moody, I; Blackshaw, E; Perkins, ACJournal Article
16-Nov-2006Enhanced elastic interactions between conical quantum dotsGill, Simon P.A.Journal Article
16-Feb-2006Probing the intermixing in In(Ga)As/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots by Raman scatteringIbáñez, J.; Cuscó, R.; Hernández, S.; Artús, L.; Henini, M.; Patanè, A.; Eaves, L.; Roy, Mervyn; Maksym, P.A.Journal Article
May-2006Electronic and geometric structure of doped rare-gas clusters: surface, site and size effects studied with luminescence spectroscopyvon Pietrowski, R.; von Haeften, Klaus; Laarmann, Tim; Möller, Thomas; Museur, L.; Kanaev, A.V.Article
17-Jul-2006Infrared spectroscopy of Li(NH[subscript 3])[subscript n] clusters for n=4-7Salter, Tom E.; Mikhailov, Victor A.; Evans, Corey J.; Ellis, Andrew M.Journal Article
21-Jun-2006The North Atlantic Marine Boundary Layer Experiment (NAMBLEX). Overview of the campaign held at Mace Head, Ireland, in summer 2002Heard, D. E.; Read, K. A.; Methven, J.; Al-Haider, S.; Bloss, W. J.; Johnson, G. P.; Pilling, M. J.; Seakins, P. W.; Smith, S. C.; Sommariva, R.; Stanton, J. C.; Still, T. J.; Ingham, T.; Brooks, B.; De Leeuw, G.; Jackson, A. V.; McQuaid, J. B.; Morgan, R.; Smith, M. H.; Carpenter, L. J.; Carslaw, N.; Hamilton, J.; Hopkins, J. R.; Lee, J. D.; Lewis, A. C.; Purvis, R. M.; Wevill, D. J.; Brough, N.; Green, T.; Mills, G.; Penkett, S. A.; Plane, J. M. C.; Saiz-Lopez, A.; Worton, D.; Monks, Paul S.; Fleming, Zoe L.; Rickard, A. R.; Alfarra, M. R.; Allan, J. D.; Bower, K.; Coe, H.; Cubison, M.; Flynn, M.; McFiggans, G.; Gallagher, M.; Norton, E. G.; O'Dowd, C. D.; Shillito, J.; Topping, D.; Vaughan, G.; Williams, P.; Bitter, M.; Ball, S. M.; Jones, R. L.; Povey, I. M.; O'Doherty, S.; Simmonds, P. G.; Allen, A.; Kinnersley, R. P.; Beddows, D. C. S.; Dall'Osto, M.; Harrison, R. M.; Donovan, R. J.; Heal, M. R.; Jennings, S. G.; Noone, C.; Spain, G.Journal Article
2006Stability and stabilisation of the lattice Boltzmann method Magic steps and salvation operationsBrownlee, R.A.; Gorban, Alexander N.; Levesley, JeremyReport
2006Stabilisation of the lattice-Boltzmann method using the Ehrenfests' coarse-grainingBrownlee, R.A.; Gorban, Alexander N.; Levesley, JeremyReport