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15-Nov-2007Correlating structure and ion recognition properties of [Ni(salen)]-based polymer filmsTedim, J; Carneiro, A; Bessada, R; Patricio, S; Magalhaes, AL; Freire, C; Gurman, SJ; Hillman, ARJournal Article
27-Dec-2007Interaction of the bow shock with a tangential discontinuity and solar wind density decrease: Observations of predicted fast mode waves and magnetosheath mergingMaynard, NC; Burke, WJ; Ober, DM; Farrugia, CJ; Kucharek, H; Lester, M; Mozer, FS; Russell, CT; Siebert, KDJournal Article
1-Mar-2007Time and space are complementary encoding dimensions in the moth antennal lobeKnuesel, P.; Carlsson, M. A.; Hansson, B. S.; Pearce, Timothy Charles; Verschure, P. F. M. J.Journal Article
1-Jan-2007Analog VLSI circuit implementation. of an adaptive neuromorphic olfaction chipKoickal, TJ; Hamilton, A; Tan, SL; Covington, JA; Gardner, JW; Pearce, Timothy CharlesConference Paper
1-Jan-2007Automatic identification of functionally equivalent olfactory glomeruli across individualsChong, KY; Carlsson, MA; Hansson, BS; Pearce, Timothy CHarlesConference Paper
30-Mar-2007Component information is preserved in glomerular responses to binary odor mixtures in the moth Spodoptera littoralisCarlsson, M. A.; Chong, K. Y.; Daniels, W.; Hansson, B. S.; Pearce, Timothy CharlesJournal Article
1-Jan-2007Attractor-based pattern classification in a spiking FPGA implementation of the olfactory bulbGuerrero-Rivera, R; Pearce, Timothy CharlesConference Paper
9-Feb-2007Number counts and clustering properties of bright distant red galaxies in the UKIDSS Ultra Deep Survey Early Data ReleaseFoucaud, S.; Almaini, O.; Smail, I.; Conselice, C.J.; Lane, K.P.; Edge, A.C.; Simpson, C.; Dunlop, J.S.; McLure, R.J.; Cirasuolo, M.; Hirst, P.; Watson, Michael G.; Page, M.J.Journal Article
8-Jun-2007The XMM-SSC survey of hard-spectrum XMM-Newton sources - I. Optically bright sourcesPage, M.J.; Lehmann, I.; Boller, T.; Watson, Michael G.; Dwelly, T.; Hess, S.; Matute, I.; Loaring, N.S.; Rosen, S.; Ziaeepour, H.; Schwope, A.; Lamer, G.; Carrera, F.J.; Tedds, J.; Della Ceca, R.; Severgnini, P.; McMahon, R.G.; Yuan, W.Journal Article
15-Aug-2007The evolution of the near-infrared galaxy luminosity function and colour bimodality up to z similar or equal to 2 rom the UKIDSS Ultra Deep Survey Early Data ReleaseCirasuolo, M.; McLure, R.J.; Dunlop, J.S.; Almaini, O.; Foucaud, S.; Smail, I.; Sekiguchi, K.; Simpson, C.; Eales, S.; Dye, S.; Watson, Michael G.; Page, M.J.; Hirst, P.Journal Article