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Sep-2007Lower Permian brachiopods from Oman: Their potential as climatic proxiesAngiolini, L; Berra, F; Jadoul, F; Darbyshire, DPF; Leng, MJ; Stephenson, MH; Leng, MJ; Brewer, TSJournal Article
May-2007A geochemical method for removing the effect of tephra on lake diatom oxygen isotope recordsLamb, AL; Leng, MJ; Sloane, HJ; Brewer, TS; Leng, MJ; Lamb, HFJournal Article
Mar-2007Swift ultraviolet photometry of the Deep Impact encounter with Comet 9P/Tempel 1Mason, KO; Smith, P; Branduardi-Raymont, G; Mason, KO; Chester, M; Cucchiara, A; Gronwall, C; Grupe, D; Hunsberger, S; Koch, S; Nousek, J; Racusin, J; Roming, P; Wells, A; Jones, GH; O'Brien, PT; Wells, A; Willingale, R; Gehrels, NJournal Article
17-Jul-2007The correlation between architecture and mRNA abundance in the genetic regulatory network of Escherichia coli.Grondin, Yohann; Raine, Derek J.; Norris, VicJournal Article
May-2007HyperaccretionKing, AJournal Article
2-Oct-2007Electron impact ionization of water-doped superfluid helium nanodroplets: observation of He (H2O)+n clustersYang, Shengfu; Brereton, Scott M.; Nandhra, Satvinder; Ellis, Andrew M.; Shang, Bo; Yuan, Lan-Feng; Yang, JinlongArticle
2007Correlated evolution and dietary change in fossil sticklebackPurnell, M.A.; Bell, Michael A.; Baines, D.C.; Hart, P.J.B.; Travis, M.Article
2007Sydney : brought to you by world city and cultural industry actor-networks.Mould, OliThesis
2007Adaptation and parameter estimation in systems with unstable target dynamics and nonlinear parametrizationTyukin, Ivan Yu.; Prokhorov, D.V.; van Leeuwen, CeesArticle
2007Dieudonné modules and p-divisible groups associated with Morava K-theory of Eilenberg-Mac Lane spacesBuchstaber, V.; Lazarev, AndreyArticle