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30-Sep-2001Coordinated Cluster and ground-based instrument observations of transient changes in the magnetopause boundary layer during an interval of predominantly northward IMF: relation to reconnection pulses and FTE signaturesLockwood, M.; Fazakerley, A.; Opgenoorth, H.; Moen, J.; van Eyken, A. P.; Dunlop, M.; Bosqued, J. M.; Lu, G.; Cully, C.; Eglitis, P.; McCrea, I. W.; Hapgood, M. A.; Wild, M. N.; Stamper, R.; Denig, W.; Taylor, M.; Wild, J. A.; Provan, G.; Amm, O.; Kauristie, K.; Pulkkinen, T.; Stromme, A.; Prikryl, P.; Pitout, F.; Balogh, A.; Reme, H.; Behlke, R.; Hansen, T.; Greenwald, R.; Frey, H.; Morley, S. K.; Alcayde, D.; Blelly, P. L.; Donovan, E.; Engebretson, M.; Lester, Mark; Watermann, J.; Marcucci, M. F.Journal Article
31-Oct-2003Cusp structures: combining multi-spacecraft observations with ground-based observationsTrattner, K. J.; Fuselier, S. A.; Yeoman, T. K.; Korth, A.; Fraenz, M.; Mouikis, C.; Kucharek, H.; Kistler, L. M.; Escoubet, C. P.; Reme, H.; Dandouras, I.; Sauvaud, J. A.; Bosqued, J. M.; Klecker, B.; Carlson, C.; Phan, T.; McFadden, J. P.; Amata, E.; Eliasson, L.Journal Article
31-Aug-2003Coordinated interhemispheric SuperDARN radar observations of the ionospheric response to flux transfer events observed by the Cluster spacecraft at the high-latitude magnetopauseWild, J. A.; Milan, S. E.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Dunlop, M. W.; Owen, C. J.; Bosqued, J. M.; Taylor, M. G. G. T.; Davies, J. A.; Lester, M.; Sato, N.; Yukimatu, A. S.; Fazakerley, A. N.; Balogh, A.; Rème, H.Journal Article
31-Aug-2003Mesoscale structure of a morning sector ionospheric shear flow region determined by conjugate Cluster II and MIRACLE ground-based observationsAmm, O.; Aikio, A.; Bosqued, J. M.; Dunlop, M.; Fazakerley, A.; Janhunen, P.; Kauristie, K.; Lester, M.; Sillanpaa, I.; Taylor, M. G. G. T.; Vontrat-Reberac, A.; Mursula, K.; Andre, M.Journal Article