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Aug-2011A reassessment of late glacial - Holocene diatom oxygen isotope record from Lake Baikal using a geochemical mass-balance approachMackay, AW; Morley, DW; Swann, GEA; Brewer, TS; Leng, MJ; Morley, DW; Piotrowska, N; Rioual, P; White, DJournal Article
Jan-2012Lake ecosystem dynamics and links to climate change inferred from a stable isotope and organic palaeorecord from a mountain lake in southwestern China (ca. 22.6-10.5 cal ka BP)Cook, CG; Jones, RT; Leng, MJ; Langdon, PG; Zhang, EJournal Article
Aug-2011Late Pleistocene and Holocene drought events at Lake Tana, the source of the Blue NileMarshall, MH; Lamb, HF; Davies, SJ; Marshall, MH; Leng, MJ; Huws, D; Bates, R; Bloemendal, J; Boyle, J; Leng, MJ; Umer, M; Bryant, CJournal Article
2011Benthic foraminifera and their stable isotope composition in sediment cores from Lake Qarun, Egypt: Changes in water salinity during the past ~500 yearsAbu-Zied, RH; Keatings, K; Flower, RJ; Leng, MJ; Abu-Zied, RHJournal Article
Feb-2012Heterogeneity, cyclicity and diagenesis in a Mississippian brachiopod shell of palaeoequatorial BritainAngiolini, L; Jadoul, F; Stephenson, M; Chenery, S; Williams, G; Leng, MJ; Millward, D; Aldridge, A; Andrews, JJournal Article
Jun-2012Mid-Holocene variability of the East Asian monsoon based on bulk organic δ13C and C/N records from the Pearl River estuary, southern ChinaYu, F; Lloyd, JM; Yu, F; Switzer, AD; Zong, Y; Yim, WW-S; Leng, MJ; Yim, WW-S; Huang, GJournal Article
Jan-2012Modern and early-middle Holocene shells of the freshwater mollusc Unio, from Çatalhöyük in the Konya Basin, Turkey: Preliminary palaeoclimatic implications from molluscan isotope dataBar-Yosef Mayer DE; Bar-Yosef Mayer DE; Leng, MJ; Arrowsmith, C; Sloane, HJ; Aldridge, DC; Gümüş, BAJournal Article
15-Feb-2012Reconstruction of late Pleistocene climate in the Valsequillo Basin (Central Mexico) through isotopic analysis of terrestrial and freshwater snailsStevens, RE; Metcalfe, SE; Leng, MJ; Lamb, AL; Sloane, HJ; Leng, MJ; Naranjo, E; González, SJournal Article
Aug-2012Deglaciation and catchment ontogeny in coastal south-west Greenland: implications for terrestrial and aquatic carbon cyclingLeng, MJ; Wagner, B; Anderson, NJ; Bennike, O; Woodley, E; Kemp, SJJournal Article
2012Carbon cycling within an East African lake revealed by the carbon isotope composition of diatom silica: a 25-ka record from Lake Challa, Mt. KilimanjaroBarker, PA; Hurrell, ER; Wynn, PM; Leng, MJ; Leng, MJ; Kendrick, CP; Plessen, B; Wolff, C; Conley, DJ; Keppens, E; Milne, I; Cumming, BF; Laird, KR; Verschuren, DJournal Article