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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Numerical investigation of the three-dimensional pressure distribution in Taylor Couette flowAdebayo, David S.; Rona, AldoJournal Article
25-Jun-2017A numerical study of secondary flows in a 1.5 stage axial turbine guiding the design of a non-axisymmetric hubObaida, Hayder M. B.; Kadhim, Hakim T. K.; Rona, Aldo; Leschke, Katrin; Gostelow, J. PaulConference Paper
25-Jun-2017Numerical study of the flow past an axial turbine stator casing and perspectives for its managementKadhim, Hakim K. T.; Rona, Aldo; Obaida, Hayder M. B.; Gostelow, J. PaulConference Paper
31-Dec-2017The Performance of a 1.5 stage Axial Turbine with a Non-Axisymmetric Casing at Off-Design ConditionsKadhim, Hakim T. K.; Rona, Aldo; Obaida, Hayder M. B.; Leschke, KatrinJournal Article
25-Jul-2017European doctoral training in aeroacoustics by a Marie Curie integrated training networkRona, Aldo; Hall, Edward; Puigt, Guillaume; Camussi, Roberto; Schram, Christophe; Airiau, Christophe; Felli, Mario; Lai, Choi-HongConference Paper
25-Jul-2017Modelling the unsteady flow and shock-associated noise from dual-stream turbulent jetsRona, Aldo; Mancini, Alessandro; Hall, EdwardConference Paper
3-Sep-2017Flow structure driven end-wall contouring for a highly loaded axial compressorKawase, Motoyuki; Rona, AldoConference Paper
3-Sep-2017Mitigating secondary flows in a 1½ stage axial turbine by a guide groove casingKadhim, Hakim; Rona, Aldo; Gostelow, J. Paul; Leschke, KatrinConference Paper
16-Dec-2017Mid-span losses in turbine blades at subsonic and supersonic speedsGostelow, J. Paul; Rona, AldoConference Paper