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22-Sep-2014Planetary period oscillations in Saturn's magnetosphere: Comparison of magnetic oscillations and SKR modulations in the postequinox intervalProvan, G.; Lamy, L.; Cowley, Stanley W. H.; Dougherty, M. K.Journal Article
1-Jul-2015Comment on "Magnetic phase structure of Saturn's 10.7h oscillations" by Yates et al.Cowley, Stanley W. H.; Provan, G.; Andrews, D. J.Journal Article
1-Oct-2014Cassini multi-instrument assessment of Saturn's polar cap boundaryJinks, S. L.; Bunce, E. J.; Cowley, Stanley W. H.; Provan, G.; Yeoman, T. K.; Arridge, C. S.; Dougherty, M. K.; Gurnett, D. A.; Krupp, N.; Kurth, W. S.; Mitchell, D. G.; Morooka, M.; Wahlund, J-E.Journal Article
22-Apr-2010Magnetic field oscillations near the planetary period in Saturn's equatorial magnetosphere: Variation of amplitude and phase with radial distance and local timeAndrews, D. J.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Dougherty, M. K.; Provan, G.Journal Article
20-Apr-2011Magnetospheric period magnetic field oscillations at Saturn: Equatorial phase "jitter" produced by superposition of southern and northern period oscillationsProvan, G.; Andrews, D. J.; Cecconi, B.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Dougherty, M. K.; Lamy, L.; Zarka, P. M.Journal Article
19-Apr-2011Detection of currents and associated electric fields in Titan's ionosphere from Cassini dataAgren, K.; Andrews, D. J.; Buchert, S. C.; Coates, A. J.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Dougherty, M. K.; Edberg, N. J. T.; Garnier, P.; Lewis, G. R.; Modolo, R.; Opgenoorth, H.; Provan, G.; Rosenqvist, L.; Talboys, D. L.; Wahlund, J-E.; Wellbrock, A.Journal Article
1-Jan-2016Saturn's northern auroras as observed using the Hubble Space TelescopeNichols, Jonathan D.; Badman, S. V.; Bunce, E. J.; Clarke, J. T.; Cowley, Stanley William Herbert; Hunt, G. J.; Provan, G.Journal Article
16-Dec-2014Field-aligned currents in Saturn's southern nightside magnetosphere: Subcorotation and planetary period oscillation componentsHunt, G. J.; Cowley, Stanley W. H.; Provan, G.; Bunce, E. J.; Alexeev, I. I.; Belenkaya, E. S.; Kalegaev, V. V.; Dougherty, M. K.; Coates, A. J.Journal Article
4-Mar-2016Planetary period oscillations in Saturn's magnetosphere: Further comments on the relationship between post-equinox properties deduced from magnetic field and Saturn kilometric radiation measurementsCowley, Stanley W. H.; Provan, G.Journal Article
5-Feb-2016Reconnection events in Saturn's magnetotail: Dependence of plasmoid occurrence on planetary period oscillation phaseJackman, C. M.; Provan, G.; Cowley, Stanley William HerbertJournal Article