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2010Simulating atmospheric composition over a South-East Asian tropical rainforest: performance of a chemistry box modelPugh, T.A.M.; MacKenzie, A.R.; Hewitt, C.N.; Langford, B.; Edwards, P.M.; Furneaux, K.L.; Heard, D.E.; Hopkins, J.R.; Jones, C.E.; Karunaharan, A.; Lee, J.; Mills, G.; Misztal, P.; Moller, S.; Monks, P.S.; Whalley, L.K.Journal Article
2010Partial Discharge Patterns in Conducting and Non-Conducting Electrical TreesDodd, Stephen J.; Chalashkanov, Nikola M.; Fothergill, John C.Conference Paper
2010Distribution of gaseous and particulate organic composition during dark ɑ-pinene ozonolysisCamredon, M.; Hamilton, J.F.; Alam, M.S.; Wyche, K.P.; Carr, T.; White, I.R.; Monks, P.S.; Rickard, A.R.; Bloss, W.J.Journal Article
16-Nov-2010Large Eddy Simulation of a Controlled Diffusion Compressor CascadeMcMullan, W. Andrew; Page, Gary J.Journal Article
Nov-2010Increasing Functional Coverage by Inductive Testing: A Case StudyWalkinshaw, Neil; Bogdanov, Kirill; Derrick, John; Paris, JavierConference Paper
2010Intercomparison of slant column measurements of NO[subscript 2] and O[subscript 4] by MAX-DOAS and zenith-sky UV and visible spectrometersRoscoe, H.K.; Van Roozendael M.; Fayt, C.; du Piesanie A.; Abuhassan, N.; Adams, C.; Akrami, M.; Cede, A.; Chong, J.; Clemer, K.; Friess, U.; Ojeda, M.G.; Goutail, F.; Graves, R.; Griesfeller, A.; Grossmann, K.; Hemerijckx, G.; Hendrick, F.; Herman, J.; Hermans, C.; Irie, H.; Johnston, P.V.; Kanaya, Y.; Kreher, K.; Leigh, R.; Merlaud, A.; Mount, G.H.; Navarro, M.; Oetjen, H.; Pazmino, A.; Perez-Camacho, M.; Peters, E.; Pinardi, G.; Puentedura, O.; Richter, A.; Schoenhardt, A.; Shaiganfar, R.; Spinei, E.; Strong, K.; Takashima, H.; Vlemmix, T.; Vrekoussis, M.; Wagner, T.; Wittrock, F.; Yela, M.; Yilmaz, S.; Boersma, F.; Hains, J.; Kroon, M.; Piters, A.; Kim, Y.J.Journal Article
2010Measurements of iodine monoxide at a semi polluted coastal locationFurneaux, K.L.; Whalley, L.K.; Heard, D.E.; Atkinson, H.M.; Bloss, W.J.; Flynn, M.J.; Gallagher, M.W.; Ingham, T.; Kramer, L.; Lee, J.D.; Leigh, R.; McFiggans, G.B.; Mahajan, A.S.; Monks, P.S.; Oetjen, H.; Plane, J.M.C.; Whitehead, J.D.Journal Article
2010Iodine-mediated coastal particle formation: an overview of the Reactive Halogens in the Marine Boundary Layer (RHaMBLe) Roscoff coastal studyMcFiggans, G.; Bale, C.S.E.; Ball, S.M.; Beames, J.M.; Bloss, W.J.; Carpenter, L.J.; Dorsey, J.; Dunk, R.; Flynn, M.J.; Furneaux, K.L.; Gallagher, M.W.; Heard, D.E.; Hollingsworth, A.M.; Hornsby, K.; Ingham, T.; Jones, C.E.; Jones, R.L.; Kramer, L.J.; Langridge, J.M.; Leblanc, C.; LeCrane, J.-P.; Lee, J.D.; Leigh, R.J.; Longley, I.; Mahajan, A.S.; Monks, P.S.; Oetjen, H.; Orr-Ewing, A.J.; Plane, J.M.C.; Potin, P.; Shillings, A.J.L.; Thomas, F.; von Glasow, R.; Wada, R.; Whalley, L.K.; Whitehead, J.D.Journal Article
20-Oct-2010DISCOVERY OF A TIGHT CORRELATION FOR GAMMA-RAY BURST AFTERGLOWS WITH "CANONICAL" LIGHT CURVESDainotti, MG; Willingale, R; Capozziello, S; Cardone, VF; Ostrowski, MJournal Article