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28-Feb-2013A Late Glacial to Holocene record of environmental change from Lake Dojran (Macedonia, Greece)Francke, A.; Wagner, B.; Leng, Melanie J.; Rethemeyer, J.Journal Article
16-Oct-2013Large flow shears around auroral beads at substorm onsetHosokawa, K; Milan, Steve E.; Lester, Mark; Kadokura, A; Sato, N; Bjornsson, GJournal Article
13-Apr-2012First in-situ measurements of HF radar echoing targetsMoen, J.; Oksavik, K.; Abe, T.; Lester, Mark; Saito, Y.; Bekkeng, T. A.; Jacobsen, K. S.Journal Article
23-Jul-2013Verification of velocity-resistivity relationships derived from structural joint inversion with borehole dataMoorkamp, Max; Roberts, A. W.; Jegen, M.; Heincke, B.; Hobbs, R. W.Journal Article
10-Jan-2014Wildfires in boreal ecoregions : Evaluating the power law assumption and intra-annual and interannual variationsLehsten, Veiko; de Groot, William J.; Flannigan, Mike; George, Charles; Harmand, Peter; Balzter, HeikoJournal Article
24-Oct-2013Disentangling Mie and attenuation effects in rain using a K[subscript a]-W dual-wavelength Doppler spectral ratio techniqueTridon, Frédéric; Battaglia, Alessandro; Kollias, PavlosJournal Article
18-Feb-2010Massively parallel forward modeling of scalar and tensor gravimetry dataMoorkamp, Max; Jegen, M.; Roberts, A.; Hobbs, R.Journal Article
10-Mar-2011Joint inversion of long-period magnetotelluric data and surface-wave dispersion curves for anisotropic structure: Application to data from Central GermanyRoux, E.; Moorkamp, Max; Jones, A. G.; Bischoff, M.; Endrun, B.; Lebedev, S.; Meier, T.Journal Article
9-Oct-2014Mineralogy of four Itokawa particles collected from the first touchdown siteNoguchi, T; Bridges, JC; Hicks, Leon J.; Gurman, Steven J.; Kimura, M; Hashimoto, T; Konno, M; Bradley, JP; Okazaki, R; Uesugi, M; Yada, T; Karouji, Y; Abe, M; Okada, T; Mitsunari, T; Nakamura, T; Kagi, HJournal Article
7-Mar-2012Magnetopause energy transfer dependence on the interplanetary magnetic field and the Earth's magnetic dipole axis orientationPalmroth, M.; Fear, R. C.; Honkonen, I.Journal Article