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11-Jul-2012Reading and writing charge on graphene devicesConnolly, M.R.; Herbschleb, E.D.; Puddy, R.K.; Roy, Mervyn; Anderson, D.; Jones, G.A.C.; Maksym, P.; Smith, C.G.Journal Article
22-Apr-2011An analytical model for the growth of quantum dots on ultrathin substratesGill, Simon P.A.Journal Article
23-Jan-2013Electron-driven ionization of large methanol clusters in helium nanodropletsGoulart, Marcelo; Bartl, Peter; Mauracher, Andreas; Zappa, Fabio; Ellis, Andrew M.; Scheier, PaulJournal Article
3-Jul-2013Limits on the Dependence of the Fine-Structure Constant on Gravitational Potential from White-Dwarf SpectraBerengut, J. C.; Flambaum, V. V.; Ong, A.; Webb, J. K.; Barrow, J. D.; Barstow, Martin A.; Preval, Simon P.; Holberg, J. B.Journal Article
17-Jan-2014A statistical model of aggregate fragmentationSpahn, F.; Vieira Neto, E.; Guimaraes, A. H. F.; Gorban, Alexander N.; Brilliantov, N. V.Journal Article
1-Oct-2010Oscillatory flow at the end of parallel-plate stacks: phenomenological and similarity analysisMao, X; Jaworski, AJJournal Article
2014Multiscale principal component analysisAkinduko, A. A.; Gorban, Alexander N.Journal Article
2014Is it possible to predict long-term success with k-NN? Case study of four market indices (FTSE100, DAX, HANGSENG, NASDAQ)Shi, Y.; Gorban, A. N.; Yang, T. Y.Journal Article
1-Jan-2014Computational diagnosis of canine lymphomaMirkes, E. M.; Alexandrakis, I.; Slater, K.; Tuli, R.; Gorban, A. N.Journal Article
1-Jan-2013Magnetic field induced rearrangement of the vacuum charge in a graphene quantum dot with a mass gapMaksym, Piotr A.; Aoki, H.Journal Article