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1-Jan-2014On the nature of the 'hostless' short GRBsTunnicliffe, R. L.; Levan, Andrew J.; Tanvir, Nial R.; Rowlinson, A.; Perley, D. A.; Bloom, J. S.; Cenko, S. B.; O'Brien, Paul T.; Cobb, B. E.; Wiersema, K.; Malesani, D.; Postigo, A. D. U.; Hjorth, J.; Fynbo, J. P. U.; Jakobsson, P.Journal Article
1-Jan-2014Quasar broad absorption line variability measurements using reconstructions of unabsorbed spectraWildy, Conor; Goad, Michael R.; Allen, J. T.Journal Article
27-Jun-2014Magnetospheric magnetic field modelling for the 2011 and 2012 HST Saturn aurora campaigns - implications for auroral source regionsBelenkaya, E. S.; Cowley, Stanley W. H.; Meredith, C. J.; Nichols, J. D.; Kalegaev, V. V.; Alexeev, I. I.; Barinov, O. G.; Barinova, W. O.; Blokhina, M. S.Journal Article
1-Apr-2014Cross-calibration of the XMM-Newton EPIC pn and MOS on-axis effective areas using 2XMM sourcesRead, Andrew M.; Guainazzi, M.; Sembay, S.Journal Article
1-Feb-2014Black holes in short period X-ray binaries and the transition to radiatively inefficient accretionKnevitt, G.; Wynn, Graham A.; Vaughan, S.; Watson, M. G.Journal Article
2-Jan-2014Do the spectral energy distributions of type 1 active galactic nuclei show diversity?Scott, A. E.; Stewart, Gordon C.Journal Article
25-Mar-2014Evidence for an external origin of heavy elements in hot DA white dwarfsBarstow, Martin A.; Barstow, J. K.; Casewell, S. L.; Holberg, J. B.; Hubeny, I.Journal Article
18-Apr-2014Core-assisted gas capture instability: a new mode of giant planet formation by gravitationally unstable discsNayakshin, Sergei; Helled, R.; Boley, A. C.Journal Article
8-May-2014Differentiation of silicates and iron during formation of Mercury and high-density exoplanetsNayakshin, SergeiJournal Article
17-Jun-2014A non-thermal study of the brightest cluster galaxy NGC 1275-the Gamma-Radio connection over four decadesDutson, K. L.; Edge, A. C.; Hinton, James A.; Hogan, M. T.; Gurwell, M. A.; Alston, W. N.Journal Article