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1-Sep-2011Thixotropy in Semisolid Steel Slurries under Rapid CompressionOmar, MZ; Atkinson, HV; Kapranos, PJournal Article
31-Mar-2014Optimisation of the synthesis of vancomycin-selective molecularly imprinted polymer nanoparticles using automatic photoreactorMuzyka, K.; Karim, Khalku; Guerreiro, Antonio; Poma, Alessandro; Piletsky, SergeyJournal Article
29-Aug-2014Removal of casting defects from CMSX-4 (R) and CMSX-10 (R) alloys by electropolishing in a novel electrolyte; Deep Eutectic SolventDsouza, N; Appleton, M; Ballantyne, Andrew; Cook, Amy; Harris, Robert; Ryder, Karl SJournal Article
1-Dec-2015Detailed Analysis of the Solution Heat Treatment of a Third-Generation Single-Crystal Nickel-Based Superalloy CMSX-10K((R))Pang, H. T.; D'Souza, N.; Dong, Hongbiao; Stone, H. J.; Rae, C. M. F.Journal Article
14-Jul-2015Discontinuous Precipitation in Ni-Base Superalloys During Solution Heat TreatmentWelton, D.; D'Souza, N.; Kelleher, J.; Gardner, S.; Dong, Z. H.; West, G. D.; Dong, HongbiaoJournal Article
20-Jan-2016Does Shear Thickening Occur in Semisolid Metals?Atkinson, Helen Valerie; Favier, V.Journal Article
14-Aug-2014Thixoforming of A356/SiC and A356/TiB2 Nanocomposites Fabricated by a Combination of Green Compact Nanoparticle Incorporation and Ultrasonic Treatment of the Melted CompactKandemir, S.; Atkinson, Helen V.; Weston, David P.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.Journal Article
5-Nov-2015What is the Process Window for Semi-solid Processing?Zhang, Duyao; Dong, Hongbiao; Atkinson, Helen V.Journal Article
1-Dec-2015Anodic dissolution of metals in ionic liquidsAbbott, Andrew P.; Frisch, Gero; Hartley, Jennifer; Karim, Wrya O.; Ryder, Karl S.Journal Article
21-Jun-2013Effects of aluminum diffusion on the adhesive behavior of the Ni(111)/Cr2O3(0001) interface: First principle studyLiu, H.; Li, Y.; Zhang, C.; Dong, N.; Lan, A.; Li, H.; Dong, Hongbiao; Han, P.Journal Article