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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
21-Jan-2015The effect of anisotropic and isotropic roughness on the convective stability of the rotating disk boundary layerCooper, A. J.; Harris, J. H.; Garrett, Stephen John; Oezkan, M.; Thomas, P. J.Journal Article
20-Apr-2015Processing of Leather Using Deep Eutectic SolventsAbbott, Andrew P.; Alaysuy, Omaymah; Antunes, A. P. M.; Douglas, Andrew C.; Guthrie-Strachan, J.; Wise, W. R.Journal Article
22-Dec-2015The centrifugal instability of the boundary-layer flow over a slender rotating cone in an enforced axial free streamHussain, Z.; Garrett, Stephen J.; Stephen, S. O.; Griffiths, Paul TravisJournal Article
14-Jan-2015Hourglass stabilization and the virtual element methodCangiani, A.; Manzini, G.; Russo, A.; Sukumar, N.Journal Article
28-Apr-2015The greenhouse gas project of ESA’s climate change initiative (GHG-CCI): overview, achievements and future plansBuchwitz, M.; Reuter, M.; Schneising, O.; Boesch, H.; Aben, I.; Alexe, M.; Armante, R.; Bergamaschi, P.; Bovensmann, H.; Brunner, D.; Buchmann, B.; Burrows, J. P.; Butz, A.; Chevallier, F.; Chédin, A.; Crevoisier, C. D.; Gonzi, S.; De Mazière, M.; De Wachter, E.; Detmers, R.; Dils, B.; Frankenberg, C.; Hahne, P.; Hasekamp, O. P.; Hewson, W.; Heymann, J.; Houweling, S.; Hilker, M.; Kaminski, T.; Kuhlmann, G.; Laeng, A.; v. Leeuwen, T. T.; Lichtenberg, G.; Marshall, J.; Noël, S.; Notholt, J.; Palmer, P.; Parker, R.; Scholze, M.; Stiller, G. P.; Warneke, T.; Zehner, C.Conference Paper
25-Mar-2015Spark plasma sintered bismuth telluride-based thermoelectric materials incorporating dispersed boron carbideWilliams, Hugo R.; Ambrosi, R. M.; Chen, K.; Friedman, U.; Ning, H.; Reece, M. J.; Robbins, M. C.; Simpson, K.; Stephenson, K.Journal Article
5-Aug-2015Synchrotron infrared spectroscopy of the v(4), v(8), v(10), v(11) and v(14) fundamental bands of thiiraneEvans, Corey J.; Carter, J. P.; Appadoo, D. R. T.; Wong, A.; McNaughton, D.Journal Article
2-Sep-2015Stretch rate effects and flame surface densities in premixed turbulent combustion up to 1.25 MPaBagdanavicius, Audrius; Bowen, P. J.; Bradley, D.; Lawes, M.; Mansour, M. S.Journal Article
28-Jul-2015The Tungsten Project: Dielectronic Recombination data for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER)Preval, S. P.; Badnell, N. R.; O'Mullane, M.Conference Paper