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22-Jun-2015Evaluation of XRI-UNO CdTe detector for nuclear medical imagingJambi, Layal K.; Lees, John Ernest; Bugby, S. L.; Tipper, S.; Alqahtani, M. S.; Perkins, A. C.Journal Article
26-Feb-2015Using vegetation spectral indices to detect oil pollution in the Niger DeltaAdamu, Bashir; Tansey, Kevin; Ogutu, BookerJournal Article
15-Feb-2015Out-of-band and adjacent-channel interference reduction by analog nonlinear filtersNikitin, A. V.; Davidchack, Ruslan L.; Smith, J. E.Journal Article
22-Sep-2015Positive Fragments Of Coalgebraic LogicsBalan, A.; Kurz, Alexander Herbert; Velebil, J.Journal Article
7-Aug-2015Presenting Distributive LawsBonsangue, M. M.; Hansen, H. H.; Kurz, Alexander Herbert; Rot, J.Journal Article
8-Jan-2015Mitigation of Radiation Effects in SRAM-Based FPGAs for Space ApplicationsSiegle, F.; Vladimirova, Tanya; Ilstad, J.; Emam, O.Journal Article
21-Jan-2015The effect of anisotropic and isotropic roughness on the convective stability of the rotating disk boundary layerCooper, A. J.; Harris, J. H.; Garrett, Stephen John; Oezkan, M.; Thomas, P. J.Journal Article
20-Apr-2015Processing of Leather Using Deep Eutectic SolventsAbbott, Andrew P.; Alaysuy, Omaymah; Antunes, A. P. M.; Douglas, Andrew C.; Guthrie-Strachan, J.; Wise, W. R.Journal Article
1-Dec-2015Analysis and prediction of the discharge characteristics of the lithium-ion battery based on the Grey system theoryChen, L.; Tian, B.; Lin, W.; Ji, Bing; Li, J.; Pan, H.Journal Article
1-Dec-2015Detailed Analysis of the Solution Heat Treatment of a Third-Generation Single-Crystal Nickel-Based Superalloy CMSX-10K((R))Pang, H. T.; D'Souza, N.; Dong, Hongbiao; Stone, H. J.; Rae, C. M. F.Journal Article