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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
19-Jan-2018Domain Motions and Complex Formation in Catalysis by NADPH-Cytochrome P450 ReductaseFreeman, Samuel LewisThesis
19-Jan-2018Powder Pulse PlatingCihangir, SalihThesis
19-Jan-2018A Versatile Power Electronic Interface for a Fuel Cell and Ultra-Capacitor Energy Buffer for a DC Micro-grid SystemAl-Atbee, Osama Yaseen KhudairThesis
19-Jan-2018Long-term Coding of Associations in the Human Medial Temporal LobeDe Falco, EmanuelaThesis
15-Jan-2018Effective and Efficient Use of Expert Knowledge in Automated Software RemodularisationHall, Mathew; Walkinshaw, Neil; McMinn, PhilJournal Article
15-Jan-2018Magnetization profiles of AC type-II superconducting wires exposed to DC magnetic fieldsRobert, Bright Chimezie; Ruiz, Harold StevenJournal Article
22-Jan-2018Nature of the low magnetization decay on stacks of second generation superconducting tapes under crossed and rotating magnetic field experimentsBaghdadi, Mehdi; Ruiz, Harold S.; Coombs, Timothy A.Journal Article
15-Jan-2018Electromagnetic response of DC type-II superconducting wires under oscillating magnetic excitationsRobert, Bright Chimezie; Ruiz, Harold StevenJournal Article
23-Jan-2018Rings and gaps in the disc around Elias 24 revealed by ALMADipierro, G.; Ricci, L.; PĂ©rez, L.; Lodato, G.; Alexander, R. D.; Laibe, G.; Andrews, S.; Carpenter, J. M.; Chandler, C. J.; Greaves, J. A.; Hall, C.; Henning, T.; Kwon, W.; Linz, H.; Mundy, L.; Sargent, A.; Tazzari, M.; Testi, L.; Wilner, D.Journal Article
30-Jan-2018Robust Switching Recovery Control of a Quadcopter Aerial Vehicle ModelBasak, HasanThesis