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9-Jan-2019Variability of Intra-D Ring Azimuthal Magnetic Field Profiles Observed on Cassini's Proximal Periapsis PassesProvan, G.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Bunce, E.; Bradley, T. J.; Hunt, G. J.; Cao, H.; Dougherty, M. K.Journal Article
25-Jan-2019Stellar Feedback in Giant Molecular Clouds and Dwarf GalaxiesGarratt-Smithson, Lilian J.Thesis
12-Feb-2019On the Search for Industry-Relevant Regression Testing ResearchBin Ali, N; Engstrom, E; Taromirad, M; Mousavi, M; Minhas, NM; Helgesson, D; Kunze, S; Varshosaz, MJournal Article
18-Jan-2019The Irradiated Atmospheres Of Brown Dwarf Companions To White Dwarf StarsLongstaff, Emma S.Thesis
4-Jan-2019Synthesis of Amino Acids from Chiral NiII Schiff Base Complexes for Novel Stapled PeptidesZangana, Emad K. M.Thesis
1-Feb-2019A Monte Carlo Model of Pitting Corrosion of Underground Power Transmission CableZhang, LixinThesis
8-Feb-2019Fundamentals Of Hydrogen Induced Stress Cracking In Duplex Stainless SteelsBlanchard, Lisa M.Thesis
15-Feb-2019Material Point Method for Modelling Additive ManufacturingYan, HaiThesis
29-Jan-2019Culture and the Environment on the Floodplain of the River Cauca in southwestern Colombia: reconstructing the Evidence from the Late Pleistocene to the Late HoloceneCardale de Schrimpff, M; Berrio, J; Groot, AM; Botero, P; Duncan, NJournal Article
4-Jan-2019Atomistics of pre-nucleation layering of liquid metals at the interface with poor nucleantsDong, H; Ma, S; Brown, AJ; Yan, R; Davidchack, RL; Howes, PB; Nicklin, C; Zhai, Q; Jing, TJournal Article