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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Jul-2001Long-period magnetospheric-ionospheric perturbations during northward interplanetary magnetic fieldHuang, CS; Sofko, GJ; Koustov, AV; MacDougall, JW; Greenwald, RA; Ruohoniemi, JM; Villain, JP; Lester, M; Watermann, J; Papitashvili, VO; Hughes, WJJournal Article
1-Dec-2001Observations of two complete substorm cycles during the Cassini Earth swing-by: Cassini magnetometer data in a global contextKhan, H; Cowley, SWH; Kolesnikova, E; Lester, M; Brittnacher, MJ; Hughes, TJ; Hughes, WJ; Kurth, WS; McComas, DJ; Newitt, L; Owen, CJ; Reeves, GD; Singer, HJ; Smith, CW; Southwood, DJ; Watermann, JFJournal Article
1-Nov-2001Observations of simultaneous effects of merging in both hemispheresMaynard, NC; Burke, WJ; Sandholt, PE; Moen, J; Ober, DM; Lester, M; Weimer, DR; Egeland, AJournal Article
20-Oct-2010Simultaneous observations of reconnection pulses at Cluster and their effects on the cusp aurora observed at the Chinese Yellow River StationZhang, Q-H; Dunlop, MW; Lockwood, M; Liu, R-Y; Hu, H-Q; Yang, H-G; Hu, Z-J; Bogdanova, YV; Shen, C; Zhang, B-C; Han, D-S; Liu, S-L; McCrea, IW; Lester, MJournal Article
1-Oct-2002Ionospheric signatures of split reconnection X-lines during conditions of IMF B-z < 0 and vertical bar B-y vertical bar similar to vertical bar B-z vertical bar: Evidence for the antiparallel merging hypothesisChisham, G; Coleman, IJ; Freeman, MP; Pinnock, M; Lester, MJournal Article
1-Apr-2001Plasma density suppression process around the cusp revealed by simultaneous CUTLASS and EISCAT Svalbard radar observationsOgawa, T; Buchert, SC; Nishitani, N; Sato, N; Lester, MJournal Article
1-May-1999Convective response to a transient increase in dayside reconnectionGreenwald, RA; Ruohoniemi, JRM; Baker, KB; Bristow, WA; Sofko, GJ; Villain, JP; Lester, M; Slavin, JJournal Article