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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Dec-2001Observations of two complete substorm cycles during the Cassini Earth swing-by: Cassini magnetometer data in a global contextKhan, H; Cowley, SWH; Kolesnikova, E; Lester, M; Brittnacher, MJ; Hughes, TJ; Hughes, WJ; Kurth, WS; McComas, DJ; Newitt, L; Owen, CJ; Reeves, GD; Singer, HJ; Smith, CW; Southwood, DJ; Watermann, JFJournal Article
23-Nov-2006Electrodynamics of a split-transpolar auroraEriksson, S; Provan, G; Rich, FJ; Lester, M; Milan, SE; Massetti, S; Gosling, JT; Dunlop, MW; Reme, HJournal Article
1-Jun-1998A comparative study of global ionospheric responses to intense magnetic storm conditionsSzuszczewicz, EP; Lester, M; Wilkinson, P; Blanchard, P; Abdu, M; Hanbaba, R; Igarashi, K; Pulinets, S; Reddy, BMJournal Article
1-Mar-2000Driving dayside convection with northward IMF: Observations by a sounding rocket launched from SvalbardMaynard, NC; Burke, WJ; Pfaff, RF; Weber, EJ; Ober, DM; Weimer, DR; Moen, J; Milan, S; Maseide, K; Sandholt, PE; Egeland, A; Soraas, F; Lepping, R; Bounds, S; Acuna, MH; Freudenreich, H; Machuzak, JS; Gentile, LC; Clemmons, JH; Lester, M; Ning, P; Hardy, DA; Holtet, JA; Stadsnes, J; van Eyken TJournal Article
1-Jan-1998Two substorm intensifications compared: Onset, expansion, and global consequencesPulkkinen, TI; Baker, DN; Frank, LA; Sigwarth, JB; Opgenoorth, HJ; Greenwald, R; Friis-Christensen, E; Mukai, T; Nakamura, R; Singer, H; Reeves, GD; Lester, MJournal Article
1-Dec-1996High-latitude Hall and Pedersen conductances during substorm activity in the SUNDIAL-ATLAS campaignLester, M; Davies, JA; Virdi, TSJournal Article
30-Apr-2009Acceleration mechanism of high-speed neutral wind observed in the polar lower thermosphereTsuda, TT; Nozawa, S; Oyama, S; Motoba, T; Ogawa, Y; Shinagawa, H; Nishitani, N; Hosokawa, K; Sato, N; Lester, M; Fujii, RJournal Article