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1-May-2000Intensive HST, RXTE, and ASCA monitoring of NGC 3516: Evidence against thermal reprocessingEdelson, R; Koratkar, A; Nandra, K; Goad, M; Peterson, BM; Collier, S; Krolik, J; Malkan, M; Maoz, D; O'Brien, P; Shull, JM; Vaughan, S; Warwick, RJournal Article
10-Jun-2001High temporal resolution XMM-Newton monitoring of PKS 2155-304Edelson, R; Griffiths, G; Markowitz, A; Sembay, S; Turner, MJL; Warwick, RJournal Article
1-Apr-2001Modeling the X-ray-optical correlations in NGC 3516Kazanas, D; Nayakshin, SJournal Article
21-Aug-1999RXTE monitoring observations of Markarian 3Georgantopoulos, I; Papadakis, I; Warwick, RS; Smith, DA; Stewart, GC; Griffiths, RGJournal Article
21-Feb-2000PDS 456: an extreme accretion rate quasar?Reeves, JN; O'Brien, PT; Vaughan, S; Law-Green, D; Ward, M; Simpson, C; Pounds, KA; Edelson, RJournal Article
20-Mar-2008The Subaru/XMM-Newton deep survey (SXDS). V. Optically faint variable object surveyMorokuma, T; Doi, M; Yasuda, N; Akiyama, M; Sekiguchi, K; Furusawa, H; Ueda, Y; Totani, T; Oda, T; Nagao, T; Kashikawa, N; Murayama, T; Ouchi, M; Watson, MG; Richmond, MW; Lidman, C; Perlmutter, S; Spadafora, AL; Aldering, G; Wang, L; Hook, IM; Knop, RAJournal Article
8-Jun-2001The variable diffuse continuum emission of broad-line cloudsKorista, KT; Goad, MRJournal Article
1-May-1999ASCA observations of deep ROSAT fields - IV. Infrared and hard X-ray observations of an obscured high-redshift QSOGeorgantopoulos, I; Almaini, O; Shanks, T; Stewart, GC; Griffiths, RE; Boyle, BJ; Gunn, KFJournal Article
21-Jun-2000X-ray variability in a deep, flux-limited sample of QSOsAlmaini, O; Lawrence, A; Shanks, T; Edge, A; Boyle, BJ; Georgantopoulos, I; Gunn, KF; Stewart, GC; Griffiths, REJournal Article
10-Jun-2000Locally optimally emitting clouds and the variable broad emission line spectrum of NGC 5548Korista, KT; Goad, MRJournal Article