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1-Nov-1999A multipoint study of a substorm occurring on 7 December, 1992, and its theoretical implicationsFox, N. J.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Davda, V. N.; Enno, G.; Friis-Christensen, E.; Greenwald, R. A.; Hairston, M. R.; Lester, Mark; Lockwood, M.; Luhr, H.; Milling, D. K.; Murphree, J. S.; Pinnock, M.; Reeves, G. D.Journal Article
1-Jul-1999A comparison of velocity measurements from the CUTLASS Finland radar and the EISCAT UHF systemDavies, J. A.; Lester, Mark; Milan, Stephen E.; Yeoman, T. K.Journal Article
1-Apr-1998Substorm associated radar auroral surges: a statistical study and possible generation modelShand, B. A.; Lester, Mark; Yeoman, Tim K.Journal Article
31-Jan-1998Simultaneous observations at different altitudes of ionospheric backscatter in the eastward electrojetMilan, Stephen E.; Lester, MarkJournal Article
1-May-1998SuperDARN studies of the ionospheric convection response to a northward turning of the interplanetary magnetic fieldTaylor, J. R.; Cowley, Stanley W. H.; Yeoman, Tim K.; Lester, Mark; Jones, T. B.; Greenwald, R. A.; Sofko, G.; Villain, J. P.; Lepping, R. P.; Hairston, M. R.Journal Article
1-Oct-1998A statistical study of diurnal, seasonal and solar cycle variations of F-region and topside auroral upflows observed by EISCAT between 1984 and 1996Foster, C.; Lester, Mark; Davies, J. A.Journal Article
1-Feb-1999Meridian-scanning photometer, coherent HF radar, and magnetometer observations of the cusp: a case studyMilan, Stephen E.; Lester, Mark; Cowley, S. W. H.; Moen, J.; Sandholt, P. E.; Owen, C. J.Journal Article
1-Jul-1999Post-noon two-minute period pulsating aurora and their relationship to the dayside convection patternMilan, Stephen E.; Yeoman, Tim K.; Lester, Mark; Moen, J.; Sandholt, P. E.Journal Article
1-Jan-1999The relationship between electric fields, conductances and currents in the high-latitude ionosphere: a statistical study using EISCAT dataDavies, J. A.; Lester, MarkJournal Article
1-May-1999Solar and seasonal dependence of ion frictional heatingDavies, J. A.; Lester, Mark; McCrea, I. W.Journal Article