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18-Jul-2009Magnetosonic Mach number dependence of the efficiency of reconnection between planetary and interplanetary magnetic fieldsGrocott, A; Badman, SV; Cowley, SWH; Milan, SE; Nichols, JD; Yeoman, TKJournal Article
1-Mar-1998Mass models of the Milky WayDehnen, W; Binney, JJournal Article
8-Aug-2008Magnetotail dipolarization and associated current systems observed by Cluster and Double StarVolwerk, M; Lui, ATY; Lester, M; Walsh, AP; Alexeev, I; Cao, X; Dunlop, MW; Fazakerley, AN; Grocott, A; Kistler, L; Lun, X; Mouikis, C; Pu, Z; Shen, C; Shi, JK; Taylor, MGGT; Baumjohann, W; Nakamura, R; Runov, A; Voeroes, Z; Zhang, TL; Takada, T; Reme, H; Klecker, B; Carr, CMJournal Article
2004Modeling the disruption of the globular cluster Palomar 5 by Galactic tidesDehnen, W; Odenkirchen, M; Grebel, EK; Rix, HWJournal Article
20-Jun-1996Improved evidence for a 3x10(6) M(circle dot) black hole in M32: Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope spectroscopy with FWHM=0''47 resolutionBender, R; Kormendy, J; Dehnen, WJournal Article
10-Sep-2006Multiwavelength observations of EXO 0748-676. II. Emission-line behaviorPearson, KJ; Hynes, RI; Steeghs, D; Jonker, PG; Haswell, CA; King, AR; O'Brien, K; Nelemans, G; Mendez, MJournal Article
16-May-2008Near-Earth substorm features from multiple satellite observationsLui, ATY; Volwerk, M; Dunlop, MW; Alexeev, IV; Fazakerley, AN; Walsh, AP; Lester, M; Grocott, A; Mouikis, C; Henderson, MG; Kistler, LM; Shen, C; Shi, JK; Zhang, TL; Reme, HJournal Article
10-Sep-2006Multiwavelength observations of EXO 0748-676. I. Reprocessing of X-ray burstsHynes, RI; Horne, K; O'Brien, K; Haswell, CA; Robinson, EL; King, AR; Charles, PA; Pearson, KJJournal Article
8-Jun-2001Narrow moving FeK alpha lines from magnetic flares in active galactic nucleiNayakshin, S; Kazanas, DJournal Article
11-Mar-2004Observations of the pulsating subdwarf B star Feige 48: Constraints on evolution and companionsReed, MD; Kawaler, SD; Zola, S; Jiang, XJ; Dreizler, S; Schuh, SL; Deetjen, JL; Kalytis, R; Meistas, E; Janulis, R; Alisauskas, D; Krzesinski, J; Vuckovic, M; Moskalik, P; Ogloza, W; Baran, A; Stachowski, G; Kurtz, DW; Perez, JMG; Mukadam, A; Watson, TK; Koen, C; Bradley, PA; Cunha, MS; Kilic, M; Klumpe, EW; Carlton, RF; Handler, G; Kilkenny, D; Riddle, R; Dolez, N; Vauclair, G; Chevreton, M; Wood, MA; Grauer, A; Bromage, G; Solheim, JE; Ostensen, R; Ulla, A; Burleigh, M; Good, S; Hurkal, O; Anderson, R; Pakstiene, EJournal Article