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1-Jun-1997Initial backscatter occurrence statistics from the CUTLASS HF radarsMilan, S. E.; Yeoman, T. K.; Lester, M.; Thomas, E. C.; Jones, T. B.Journal Article
1-Jan-1997Interferometric evidence for the observation of ground backscatter originating behind the CUTLASS coherent HF radarsMilan, S. E.; Jones, T. B.; Robinson, T. R.; Thomas, E. C.; Yeoman, T. K.Journal Article
1-Sep-1999The ionospheric signature of transient dayside reconnection and the associated pulsed convection return flowMilan, S. E.; Lester, Mark; Greenwald, R. A.; Sofko, G.Journal Article
1-Sep-2000ESR and EISCAT observations of the response of the cusp and cleft to IMF orientation changesMcCrea, I. W.; Lockwood, M.; Moen, J.; Pitout, F.; Eglitis, P.; Aylward, A. D.; Cerisier, J. C.; Thorolfssen, A.; Milan, S. E.Journal Article
27-Jan-2011A superposed epoch investigation of the relation between magnetospheric solar wind driving and substorm dynamics with geosynchronous particle injection signaturesBoakes, P. D.; Milan, S. E.; Abel, G. A.; Freeman, M. P.; Chisham, G.; Hubert, B.Journal Article
23-Nov-2010Asymmetry in the bipolar signatures of flux transfer eventsFear, R. C.; Milan, S. E.; Raeder, J.; Sibeck, D. G.Journal Article
17-Aug-2010Comparison of the open-closed separatrix in a global magnetospheric simulation with observations: The role of the ring currentRae, I. J.; Kabin, K.; Lu, J. Y.; Rankin, R.; Milan, S. E.; Fenrich, F. R.; Watt, C. E. J.; Zhang, J-C.; Ridley, A. J.; Gombosi, T. I.; Clauer, C. R.; Toth, G.; DeZeeuw, D. L.Journal Article
21-Dec-2010Combining incoherent scatter radar data and IRI-2007 to monitor the open-closed field line boundary during substormsWoodfield, E. E.; Wild, J. A.; Kavanagh, A. J.; Senior, A.; Milan, S. E.Journal Article
22-Oct-2010In situ observations of the effect of a solar wind compression on Saturn's magnetotailJackman, C. M.; Arridge, C. S.; Slavin, J. A.; Milan, S. E.; Lamy, L.; Dougherty, M. K.; Coates, A. J.Journal Article
14-Oct-2010A superposed epoch analysis of auroral evolution during substorms: Local time of onset regionMilan, S. E.; Grocott, A.; Hubert, B.Journal Article