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20-Feb-2006Swift observations of the X-ray-bright GRB 050315Vaughan, S; Goad, MR; Beardmore, AP; O'Brien, PT; Osborne, JP; Page, KL; Barthelmy, SD; Burrows, DN; Campana, S; Cannizzo, JK; Capalbi, M; Chincarini, G; Cummings, JR; Cusumano, G; Giommi, P; Godet, O; Hill, JE; Kobayashi, S; Kumar, P; La Parola V; Levan, A; Mangano, V; Meszaros, P; Moretti, A; Morris, DC; Nousek, JA; Pagani, C; Palmer, DM; Racusin, JL; Romano, P; Tagliaferri, G; Zhang, B; Gehrels, NJournal Article
7-Nov-2008Oscillation of Saturn's southern auroral ovalNichols, Jonathan D.; Clarke, J.T.; Cowley, S.W.H.; Duval, J.; Farmer, A.J.; GĂ©rard, J.-C.; Grodent, D.; Wannawichian, S.Journal Article
10-Jun-2001High temporal resolution XMM-Newton monitoring of PKS 2155-304Edelson, R; Griffiths, G; Markowitz, A; Sembay, S; Turner, MJL; Warwick, RJournal Article
1-Apr-2005Swift X-Ray Telescope and very large telescope observations of the afterglow of GRB 041223Burrows, DN; Hill, JE; Chincarini, G; Tagliaferri, G; Campana, S; Moretti, A; Romano, P; Malesani, D; Racusin, JL; Kobayashi, S; Zhang, B; Meszaros, P; O'Brien, PT; Willingale, R; Osborne, JP; Cusumano, G; Giommi, P; Angelini, L; Abbey, AF; Antonelli, LA; Beardmore, AP; Capalbi, M; Covino, S; D'Avanzo, P; Goad, MR; Kennea, JA; Morris, DC; Pagani, C; Page, KL; Stella, L; Nousek, JA; Wells, AA; Gehrels, NJournal Article
20-May-2006Swift UVOT observations of X-ray flash 050406Schady, P; Mason, KO; Osborne, JP; Page, MJ; Roming, PWA; Still, M; Zhang, B; Blustin, AJ; Boyd, P; Cucchiara, A; Gehrels, N; Gronwall, C; De Pasquale M; Holland, ST; Marshall, FE; McGowan, KE; Nousek, JAJournal Article
16-Dec-2006Saturn's auroral morphology and activity during quiet magnetospheric conditionsGerard, J-C; Grodent, D; Cowley, SWH; Mitchell, DG; Kurth, WS; Clarke, JT; Bunce, EJ; Nichols, JD; Dougherty, MK; Crary, FJ; Coates, AJJournal Article
1-Mar-2007Swift discovery of gamma-ray bursts without a jet break feature in their X-ray afterglowsSato, G; Yamazaki, R; Ioka, K; Sakamoto, T; Takahashi, T; Nakazawa, K; Nakamura, T; Toma, K; Hullinger, D; Tashiro, M; Parsons, AM; Krimm, HA; Barthelmy, SD; Gehrels, N; Burrows, DN; O'Brien, PT; Osborne, JP; Chincarini, G; Lamb, DQJournal Article
10-Aug-2007Swift observations of GRB 070110: An extraordinary X-ray afterglow powered by the central engineTroja, E; Cusumano, G; O'Brien, PT; Zhang, B; Sbarufatti, B; Mangano, V; Willingale, R; Chincarini, G; Osborne, JP; Marshall, FE; Burrows, DN; Campana, S; Gehrels, N; Guidorzi, C; Krimm, HA; La Parola V; Liang, EW; Mineo, T; Moretti, A; Page, KL; Romano, P; Tagliaferri, G; Zhang, BB; Page, MJ; Schady, PJournal Article
1-Jul-2007Swift X-ray observations of classical novaeNess, J-U; Schwarz, GJ; Retter, A; Starrfield, S; Schmitt, JHMM; Gehrels, N; Burrows, D; Osborne, JPJournal Article
1-Jun-2007GRB 050826: A subluminous event at z=0.296 finds its place in the luminosity distribution of gamma-ray burst afterglowsMirabal, N; Halpern, JP; O'Brien, PTJournal Article