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23-Jan-2013Electron-driven ionization of large methanol clusters in helium nanodropletsGoulart, Marcelo; Bartl, Peter; Mauracher, Andreas; Zappa, Fabio; Ellis, Andrew M.; Scheier, PaulJournal Article
23-Aug-2011Molecularly imprinted polymers : Smart hydrogel crystal gardensWhitcombe, Michael J.Journal Article
1-Jan-2010Metals in cells themed issueRobinson, N; Raven, EJournal Article
1-Nov-2010Computational study on the energies and structures of the [H, Si, N, C, S] isomersNeil, SRT; Evans, CJJournal Article
2-May-2012Realizing high magnetic moments in fcc Fe nanoparticles through atomic structure stretch.Baker, SH; Roy, M; Thornton, SC; Binns, CJournal Article
24-Feb-2014Combined experimental and computational investigations of rhodium- and ruthenium-catalyzed C−H functionalization of pyrazoles with alkynesAlgarra, Andrés G.; Cross, Warren B.; Davies, David L.; Khamker, Qudsia; Macgregor, Stuart A.; McMullin, Claire L.; Singh, KuldipJournal Article
18-Jun-2014Evaluating water miscible deep eutectic solvents (DESs) and ionic liquids as potential lubricantsAbbott, Andrew P.; Ahmed, Essa I; Harris, Robert C.; Ryder, Karl S.Journal Article
2-Feb-2012The mechanism of substrate inhibition in human indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase.Efimov, Igor; Basran, Jaswir; Sun, Xiao; Chauhan, Nishma; Chapman, S. K.; Mowat, C. G.; Raven, Emma LloydJournal Article
25-Jun-2012Atropisomerism in a thermally switchable, cyclometallated iridium complexHowarth, Ashlee J.; Davies, David L.; Lelj, Francesco; Wolf, Michael O.; Patrick, Brian O.Journal Article
11-Aug-2015Dimethyl-Aluminium Complexes Bearing Naphthyl-Substituted Pyridine-Alkylamides as Pro-Initiators for the Efficient ROP of epsilon-CaprolactoneArmitage, Andrew P.; Boyron, O.; Champouret, Yohan D. M.; Patel, Mehzabin; Singh, Kuldip; Solan, Gregory AdamJournal Article